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Photographs & Prints

The Center holds more than 11,000 iconographic items, both photographic and printed. The collection includes images made by various photographic processes, such as daguerreotypes, albumen prints, black and white prints, 35mm negatives, color slides and prints, as well as visual images in other formats, such as lithographs, postcards, and trade cards. A large portion of the catalogued collection consists of individual images of specific musicians, artists, bands, and groups. The Center also photographically documents its own public lectures and performances.

Of particular note are photographs associated with a larger collection of manuscript materials. Examples are the D. F. Cusic Collection of Christian music performers, the “Muddy Waters and Son Sims” photograph [MAN-PR-00005] in the John Wesley Work III Collection, and the Harold L. Baldwin Grand Ole Opry Collection. The Center also holds nineteen (19) manuscript scrapbooks that contain many iconographic images.

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To limit your search to photographs & prints, use the Center's Advanced Search and select the check box beside "Photographs" before performing your search.

There are approximately 3,000 additional photographs, consisting primarily of publicity shots of individuals or music-related groups, in the Center's collections. Most of these images are copyrighted and are not catalogued. An alphabetical listing is available in the Center’s Reading Room, titled “Iconographic Name File.”