The Hutchinson family will sing at... Evening... - Record Detail

Collection:Posters, Playbills, Programs
Item ID: 000010-PERFORM
Accession Number: 97-003
Title: The Hutchinson family will sing at... Evening...
Subject: Musical performance.
Physical Description:10 3/4" x 14"
Location:Perform, Box No. 1
Notes:This was a generic poster with image of the Hutchinsons and a place to fill in place and time of performance.
Child's drawing pencilled on back of item; signatures of performers printed under image; title with added handwritten inscription reads "The Hutchinson Family will sing at the court of Heaven some evening in the future God willing."
Original typed caption that came with the poster states, "An original handbill, or poster, of the Hutchinson Family on which, perhaps as an 'autograph' in humorous mood, Judson has pencilled, 'The Court of Heaven some (EVENING) in the Future', John has written, 'God Willing', and Asa has concluded, 'Doubted'. This was one of the prized possessions of the Dearborn family of Milford. Dr. Dearborn was a grandson of Judson Hutchinson."
Date inferred from The New Grove Dictionary of American Music.


Performer:Hutchinson, Judson P. | Hutchinson, John W. | Hutchinson, Asa B.