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My Homeland Tennessee: A Research Guide To Songs About Tennessee

Perhaps more than any other state, Tennessee is associated with music. The state, its cities, natural features, and historical events have been the subject of thousands of popular songs written and performed in almost every style. The idea of Tennessee is so popular that it has inspired great songwriting and performances not only by native Tennesseans but by people from all over the world.


My Homeland Tennessee: A Research Guide to Songs About Tennessee was funded by the National Archives and Records Administration's (NARA) "State and National Archival Partnership" (SNAP) grants to state agencies. Administered by the Tennessee Historical Records Advisory Board, the Center for Popular Music's My Homeland Tennessee project improves "the preservation of and access to Tennessee's historical records" by making available to the people of Tennessee and elsewhere hundreds of songs about the state of Tennessee.

The SNAP grant has enabled the Center for Popular Music to draw from its extensive original collections of sheet music and sound recordings to develop a web-based research guide to music about Tennessee. A database was created containing hundreds of song titles in various formats. The website provides content, information, and resources to help researchers, students, and teachers learn more about the songs and the state of Tennessee.