Wehman Bros.' good old time songs no. 2 containing a choice collection of 174 songs. - Record Detail

Collection:Rare Books and Scores
Item ID: SP-085306
Accession Number: 95-051 Goldstein
Title: Wehman Bros.' good old time songs no. 2 containing a choice collection of 174 songs.
Publisher: Wehman Bros.
Place of Publication:New York, NY
Physical Description:122 p. V
Location:BOX 018
Song Titles:Her bright smile haunts me still -- Stolen kisses are the sweetest -- Tramp, tramp, tramp -- When the corn is waving, Annie dear -- Hard times, come again no more -- Dark-eyed sailor -- Touch the harp gently, my pretty Louise -- Hail Columbia -- I've no mother now, I'm weeping -- Forgive and forget -- My good-looking man -- Mary of Argyle -- God bless my boy at sea -- Don't give de name a bad place -- You'll never miss your mother 'till she's gone -- The old rustic bridge by the mill -- Wait for the turn of the tide -- Perished in the snow -- Pretty little rosy cheeks -- There's always a seat in the parlor for you -- The tramp -- Good-bye to my Southern sunny home -- They all do it -- Every day'll be Sunday by and by -- Naughty, naughty men -- Ever of thee -- Isle de Blackwell -- Flee as a bird to your mountain -- Wind blew thro' his whiskers -- Wait till the moonlight falls on the water -- Somebody waiting for me -- Waiting, my darling, for thee -- A lock of mother's hair -- Naughty, naughty girls -- Call be again -- The Boston burglar -- Sour krout -- Sweet sunny South -- Alice, where art thou? -- Don't leave your mother, Tom -- Now I lay me down to sleep -- See-saw -- 10,000 miles away -- The whip-poor-will's song -- The Virginia rosebud -- Behind the parlor door -- Little footsteps -- Tho' rich, I'm no better than you -- Bring me back to the one I love -- Fire in the grate -- Shoo, fly! don't bodder me! -- Bathing song -- The Texas ranger -- Old dog tray -- Little brown jug -- Sally, come up -- Ole Dan Tucker -- The good Rhine wine -- Yellow rose of Texas -- Darling Clo' -- Fisherman and his child -- Dream faces -- Johnny Morgan -- Annie of the vale -- The worn-out sailor -- I'll go back to old love again -- Somebody's tall and handsome -- Little Nell of Narraganset Bay -- Gentle Annie -- Down where the lily-bells grow -- The old home ain't what it used to be -- False one, I love thee still -- Down in a diving bell -- I'll meet her when the sun goes down -- Bye, bye, baby, bye, bye -- The keyhold in the door -- The good-bye at the door -- Where the ivy grows so green -- Sweet chiming bells -- A boy's best friend is his mother -- Would I were with thee -- America's emblem, the violet -- Lottie Lee -- Mother, I've come home to die -- Dear little innocent things -- When Jack comes home again -- The farmer's boy -- Pulling hard against the stream -- Little sweetheart, come and kiss me -- The Pennsylvania tramp -- Clara, Clara, will you come out to-night? -- Old village blacksmith's shop -- Grandma's vacant chair -- Dancing in de barn -- A warrior bold -- The old cabin home -- Banjo now hangs silent on the door -- Mother keeps the gate loced now -- Rolling home in the morning -- Hush-a-bye, baby -- Only to see thee, darling -- The Kentucky rose -- Birdie darling -- Let me kiss him for his mother -- I'll send you down a letter from de sky -- Down by the old abbey ruin -- I ain't as young as I used to be -- Come where my love lies dreaming -- Pretty little dark blue eyes -- Over the mountain -- Kissing through the bars -- One horse open sleigh -- New coon in town -- Light-house by the sea -- Karl's new lullaby -- Knocking at the gates of Jordan -- Come, birdie, come -- The cot where I was born -- Kiss me, mother, ere I die -- Keep in de middle ob de road -- Come, landlord, fill your flowing bowl -- Who will care for mother now? -- Sweet Aleen -- Hush, little baby, don't you cry -- Ella Rhee -- Bring back my bonnie to me -- Leaf by leaf the roses fall -- Morning by de bright light -- I'se gwine back to Dixie -- Baby mine -- John Barleycorn -- The blue bells of Scotland -- We won't go home till morning -- Where are the friends of my youth? -- Put my little shoes away -- My Nellie's blue eyes -- Down the hill -- Down among the daisies -- In de evening by de moonlight -- By the sad sea-waves -- Sallie Horner -- I'll await my love -- Little darling, dream of me -- Juanita -- The cork leg -- Poor old Ned -- That's how you get served when you're old -- The spider and the fly -- Hush, my darlings, do not weep -- Tell me where my Eva's gone -- If I had but a thousand a year -- The farmer's daughter -- The village blacksmith -- Emmet's lullaby -- Dark gal dressed in blue -- Poor old slave -- Bonny Eloise -- Shells of ocean -- Want to the cotton fields and the dear old home again -- Skipper and his boy -- Black-eyed Susan -- All on account of Eliza -- Dreaming of home and mother -- You get more like your dad every day -- Along the Kansas line -- Mygel Snyder's barty -- I'll hang my harp on a willow tree -- The Arkansas traveller -- Do they think of me at home? -- If ever I cease to love -- We'll paint the town red -- Barbara Allan -- When the leaves begin to turn -- How the gates came ajar.
Notation:Chiefly Lyrics