Jim Jim I always knew that you'd win - Record Detail

Collection:Sheet Music
Item ID: 007771-CPMLG
Accession Number: 10-029
Title: Jim Jim I always knew that you'd win
Creator: Von Tilzer, Harry, 1872-1946, composer
Additional Author:Ryan, Ben, 1892-1968, lyricist | Hanlon, Bert, 1895-1972, lyricist
Publisher: Harry von Tilzer Music Publishing Co.
Place of Publication:New York, NY
Chicago, IL
San Francisco, CA
Sydney, Australia
London, England

Subject: War songs -- United States.
Physical Description:1 vocal score (3 p.) ; 30 cm ; V
Location:CPMLG 095
Notes:The Douglas Moore Collection
"Sydney" misspelled as "Sidney"
Publication Number: 2

First Line:The beat, the beat, the beat of the feet on the street