By Special Request Grand Sacred Concert - Record Detail

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Collection:Posters, Playbills, Programs
Item ID: 000363-PERFORM
Accession Number: 01-022
Title: By Special Request Grand Sacred Concert
Creator: Hathaway & Pond mgr
Publisher: Chas. Hamilton, Printer (311 Main Street)
Place of Publication:Worcester, MA
Subject: African American entertainers | Vocal music
Physical Description:4.75" x 12"
Location:Performance Binder No. 2
Notes:Performance date inferred from biographical research of performers.
General admission 25 cents.

Performer:Hyers Sisters Quartette | Lyons, Fred | Hyers, Anna | Hyers, Emma L. | Harris, James H. | Lucas, Samuel | Bentley, Charles E. | Sawyer, Jacob J.
Venue:Mechanics Hall
Performance Date:[1870-1879]
Performance Place:[New York, NY]
I must go
Violin solo
Dese bones
Motto songs
Castle walls
Turkish patrol
Put on my long white robe
I will magnivy by Thee, oh Lord
Sacred quartette
I's gwine in de valley
Good night