The Hutchinson Family - Record Detail

Item ID: MAN-PR-00031
Accession Number: 97-003
Title: The Hutchinson Family
Creator: [George Endicott]
Place of Publication:[Milford, NH]
Subject: Popular music To 1901 | Nineteenth century
Physical Description:4" x 5"
Location:MAN-PR Box 2
MAN-PR Box 2

Series:Hutchinson Family Singers
Notes:This is a photograph of the original 1843 lithograph by George Endicott.
Place inferred from secondary sources: The New Grove Dictionary of American Music and History of Milford, N.H.
Photographs are part of a manuscript collection and were originally mounted on two pages from a scrapbook probably compiled by a grandson of Judson Hutchinson. See inventory description for more information.

Description:Lithograph of the Hutchinson Family Singers. Left to right: Judson, Abby, John, Asa. All standing with formal attire.
Format:print: b/w