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NASHVILLE SHOW POSTERS                                                                                         

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Accession Numbers included in this Collection:

90-005; 90-038; 92-064; 93-019; 94-010; 94-029; 94-029A;

94-046; 94-059; 94-071


Physical Description:

300 + posters, most on stiff poster board, approx. 15” x 24”






Most purchased from Paul Ritscher of Ritz Show-Card of Nashville. Some purchased from Doug Seroff, some miscellaneous donations.


Scope and Content:

Posters created to advertise concerts and music shows. Most advertise acts which appeared at Nashville clubs including: Ace of Clubs, Bluebird Café, Blue Sky Court, Boardwalk Café, 328 Performance Hall, Exit-Inn, Station Inn, 12th and Porter, 2ed and Lindsley Bar and Grill, Club Mere Bulles, the Suttler, Mainstreet (Murfreesboro). A few advertised events were held outside of Nashville and Murfreesboro. Most of the posters were produced by either Hatch Show Print or Ritz Sho-Card in Nashville.



Filed in oversize manuscript boxes at end of the manuscript collection.



September 14, 1994