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CUSIC, DON                                           91-012

Physical description:

55 audio cassette tapes


In March 1989 Don Cusic, a member of the RIM faculty, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro TN, donated 51 audio tapes of interviews he conducted to the Center. Some of these tapes contained more than one interview; Center audio staff transferred these interviews to separate tapes and discarded the original tapes.


1978 - 1987.

Biographical sketch:

Journalist Don Cusic has had over 500 articles published in magazines as varied as Country Music and Contemporary Christian Music and has written biographies of country singer Randy Travis and gospel music diva Sandi Patti as well as entries in the Grove Dictionary of Music and liner notes for numerous albums. Cusic has been a member of the recording industry faculty at Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro TN since 1982.

Scope and content:

This group consists of audio tapes of 55 interviews conducted by Don Cusic, 1978-1987. Most were conducted for use in preparing articles for popular music magazines and therefore are topical rather than comprehensive. A list of interviewees follows.


These tapes are filed first by media type, then by tape number with other manuscript audio visual materials.

Related materials:

Other personal papers, including book manuscripts, donated by Cusic are filed together and described under his name. Materials produced by students in Cusic's courses are filed as separate groups organized by course name and number. Audio tapes of guest lectures given to a seminar on the history of the recording industry offered by Cusic in the fall of 1987 are filed as "Recording Industry: Historical Perspectives". Video tapes of interviews conducted by Cusic for a tv series broadcast over the campus television station are filed as "The Music Biz."

The Center has also received a substantial number of sound recordings in various formats which have been integrated into the Center's audio collection. Pamphlets, flyers, press kits and similar materials received from Cusic are filed with similar materials in the biographical and subject vertical files. Four boxes of photographs donated by Cusic are filed together as a unit within the photograph files.

Audio tapes:

TCA-0118A  Andrus and Blackwood

TCA-0118B  Brown Bannister

TCA-0118C  Blanton Harrell

TCA-0118D  Les Beasley

TCA-0118E  Scott Wesley Brown

TCA-0118F/G  James Bullard (2 tapes)

TCA-0118H  Rory Burke

TCA-0118I  Don Butler

TCA-0118J  Ralph Carmichael

TCA-0118K  June Carter Cash

TCA-0118L/M  Johnny Cash (information about)

TCA-0118N  Cynthia Clawson

TCA-0118O  Rev. James Cleveland (includes sermon, speech and singing)

TCA-0118P  Rev. James Cleveland (telephone interview)

TCA-0118Q  Rev. James Cleveland (talk)

TCA-0118R  Wayne Coombs

TCA-0118S/T  Mervyn Conn

TCA-0118U  Farrell and Farrell

TCA-0118V  Jim Fogelsong

TCA-0118W  Sam Goodman

TCA-0118X/Y  Amy Grant

TCA-0118Z  Pam Mark Hall

TCA-0118AA  George Hamilton IV

TCA-0118BB  Billy Ray Hearne

TCA-0118CC/DD  George Jones (2 tapes)

TCA-0118EE  Karen Lafferty

TCA-0118FF  Barbara Mandrell

TCA-0118GG  Armand Morales

TCA-0118HH  Anne Murray

TCA-0118II  Marvin Norcross

TCA-0118JJ  Larry Norman

TCA-0118KK  The Oaks

TCA-0118LL  Glen Payne

TCA-0118MM  Dave Peters

TCA-0118NN  Charlie Pride

TCA-0118OO/QQ  Rambos (3 tapes)

TCA-0118RR  Buck Rambo

TCA-0118SS/TT  Reba Rambo (2 tapes)

TCA-0118UU  Elwyn Ramer

TCA-0118VV  Wesley Rose

TCA-0118WW/XX  Robert Schuller (2 tapes)

TCA-0118YY  George Beverly Shea

TCA-0118ZZ  Ricky Skaggs

TCA-0118AAA  Mike Warnke

TCA-0118BBB  Shannon Williams

TCA-0118CCC  George Younce