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MANUSCRIPTS AND SOUND RECORDINGS                                                   
[Addendum to the BILL HARRISON COLLECTION, 97-050]                                                  


Physical Description:

  .7  l.f. including

performance programs, newspapers, correspondence, photographs, serials, trade catalogs, personal papers

105 audio tapes (10” reels)



1934-1994 (bulk 1967-19



Emmitt D. Crosswhite recorded, collected and compiled these materials himself for personal interest.  He donated them to the Center for Popular Music on December 31, 2001.


Agency History/biographical sketch:

Emmitt D. Crosswhite recorded and collected these materials while he served as a judge, participant, and recording manager for the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Association in Athens, Alabama.  He was friend and associate to Bill Harrison, who founded the fiddle contest.  Crosswhite worked at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama and recorded the various fiddle contests due to his interests in music.


Scope and content:

The manuscript material in this collection demonstrates Crosswhite’s interest and participation in the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention (TVOTFC) held at Athens College in Athens, Alabama, among other fiddle contests and conventions.  Newspaper issues and clippings make up the majority of the collection and include articles that document fiddle music, musical events, or the fiddling conventions in Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, Kansas, and North Carolina.  Judging criteria and contestant lists, rankings, and winners make up a significant portion of material and document the workings of the contests themselves.  An example includes supporting documents for the judging and final winners of the 11th Annual Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention in 1977, consisting of carbon copies according to division with names of contestants and index cards with names, rankings, and song titles listed.  Original participant schedules, eliminations, and finals with repertoire are included.  A sampling of programs, newsletters, and notices accompany the contests of TVOTFC and others.  Correspondence is limited to criticism of the Huntsville Educational Television’s production of the TVOTFC and Crosswhite’s constructive criticism of the “growing pains” of the contest.


Crosswhite’s sound recordings are live, on-stage recordings of the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Conventions held at Athens College in Athens, Alabama.  The reel-to-reel tapes have been preservation transferred and logged by Bruce Nemerov, the Center’s Audio Specialist.  The sound recordings encompass convention years 1967-1979 and 1983-1988. Audio logs are located in a separate notebook in the CPM Reading Room. They are arranged chronologically.


This collection compliments the Bill Harrison Collection, providing relevant and detailed documentation of music festivals, especially the TVOTFC.



Manuscript materials, photographs, and photocopies of newspapers are located among the Manuscripts by accession number.  Programs are located in the Performance Documents collection, searchable by accession number in the database.  Periodicals have been dispersed and are in the secondary serials in the stacks.  Sound recordings are shelved by accession number with other manuscript audio materials.


Related Materials:

This collection is an addendum to the Bill Harrison Collection accessible by accession number in the Center’s database under various collection categories.  The Center also maintains books, periodicals, manuscripts, performance documents, and sound recordings relating to fiddle music and festivals.


Folder/box list:




Box#   Folder#           Description

1          1                      Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention [TVOTFC]

                                                Finalists lists, 10th Annual, n.d.

                                    TVOTFC—Judges list, n.d.

                                    TVOTFC—Membership list, n.d.

            2                      TVOTFC—Contestant lists, n.d.

            3                      TVOTFC—Contestant lists, n.d.

            4                      Correspondence—c. 1976 and 26 April, 1984

            5                      National Folk Festival Association newsletter, Sept. 1972

                                    TVOTFC—Program flyers, newsletters, 1983-1985;

                                                Judging rules and regulations, n.d., badges, notices

1          6                      Photographs, n.d. [2 black and white 8” x 10” photographs from

                                    the TVOTFC of “Bob Dickey and Band (Wildwood Band?)

                                    from near Memphis, TN.” 1 photograph MAN-PR-00015.]

            7                      TVOTFC—Judging documents, n.d., contest winners, 1977





Box#   Folder#           Description

            Article Photocopies


2          1                      Alabama Courier, November 4, 1967

            2                      Birmingham Post-Herald, September 12, 1969

            3                      The Carroll News, August 17, 1994

            4                      Florence Times-Tri-Cities Daily, April 25, 1976-October 7, 1984

            5                      Galax Gazette, August 15, 1972-August 18, 1994

            6                      Huntsville News, September 15, 1972-October 1, 1977

            7                      Huntsville Times, October 6, 1968-February 23, 1976

            8                      Miscellaneous, no date, no title [with exception of September 9,

                                                1934, no title]

            9                      Nashville Tennessean, October 19, 1969

            10                    Redstone Rocket, October 2, 1968

            11                    Roanoke Times & World-News, August 20, 1972-August 12, 1993

            12                    Smithville Review, July 12, 1973

            13                    Tennessee Valley 48 News Channel Press, December 1994

            14                    Walnut Valley Occasional, August 1976

            15                    Winston-Salem Journal, August 12-13, 1972




            16                    Limestone County newspaper supplements, September 30, 1977-

                                                October 2, 1982

            17                    Limestone County, October 8, 1983 - October 4, 1986

            18                    A Cominand  A Goin, August 1984

19                                  Participant Schedules, 1967-1988


Addendum: CPM Miscellaneous Photographs – 02-017


20                                  36th Annual TVOTFC Winners List


Programs and Playbills


[The following have been placed in the Performance Collection]

Program, 3rd Annual Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention, October 4,

            1969, Athens College, Alabama

Program, Buck’s Pocket Fiddler’s Convention, November 4, 1972, Macedonia,


Program, 50th Annual Old Fiddlers’ Convention, August 7, 8, 9, 10, 1985, Galax,


Program, 51st Annual Old Fiddlers’ Convention, August 6, 7, 8, 9, 1986, Galax,


Program, 56th Annual Old Fiddlers’ Convention, August 7, 8, 9, 10, 1991, Galax,


Souvenir Program from The Gazette, August 8, 1990, 55th Annual Old Fiddlers’

            Convention, Galax, VA

Souvenir Program from The Gazette, August 5, 1992, 57th Annual Old Fiddlers’

            Convention, Galax, VA

Souvenir Program from The Gazette, August 10-11, 1994, 59th Annual Old

            Fiddlers’ Convention, Galax, VA


Trade Catalogs

[The following were placed in Trade Catalogs]

Disc Collector, September 1973

                        April-may 1974

Jan-Feb-Mar 1974

Mugwumps, May 1972


Vertical File

[The following was placed in Vertical File]

Texas Old Time Fiddlers Association By-Laws 1973



[The following was placed in Secondary Serials]

The American Fiddlers News of the American Old Time Fiddlers Association including The Nebraska Fiddlers News, Fall 1972, January 1973, June 1973.





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