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1860-1888. ca. 1920-1986.

[Bulk: ca. 1920-1975]





10.5 linear feet


3 volumes and 17 audio discs
















Center for Popular Music

Middle Tennessee State University

May 1989  Ellen Garrison

Updated 2007 Lucinda Cockrell








Table of Contents

Ray Avery Collection 86-009




Provenance ............................................ 3



Biographical Sketch.................................... 3



Scope and Content Note ................................ 4



Series Description

     I. Black History Subject Files ................... 5

     II. "Jazz Scrapbook" ............................. 5

     III. New Orleans ................................. 5

     IV. Subject Files ................................ 6

     V. Record Covers ................................. 6

     VI. Record Company Announcements ................. 6

     VII. Performer Files ............................. 6

              A. Paul Whiteman ....................... 7

              B. Ferdinand Grofe ..................... 7

              C. Duke Ellington ...................... 8

              D. Johnny Mercer ....................... 8

VIII. Personal Mementos ............................... 8



Box and Folder List ................................... 9



Appendix I. Black History Materials

Transferred to Book Collection ........................ 15


Appendix II. Materials Transferred to

Sound Recording Collection ............................ 16


Appendix III. Other Materials Transferred ............. 23


Appendix IV. Sound Archivist's Log .................... 25


Appendix V. Ray Avery’s Photographs Transferred........ 26


Scrapbooks Preservation/Photocopies.................... 27







10.5 linear feet including

3 volumes, photographs and 17 audio discs



DATES: 1860-1888. ca. 1920-1986. [Bulk: ca. 1920-1975.]





The manuscripts described herein were received from Ray Avery, Los Angles, California, by the Center for Popular Music in June 1987 along with other materials described below.  Much of the material in Series I-VI and VII had been collected or created by Avery over a number of years.  Some of the Paul Whiteman, Ferde Grofe, and Johnny Mercer manuscripts in Series VII appears to have been in the possession of the performer named at one time.


When received from Ray Avery this collection included books about black history, especially black music and musicians, and sound recordings by black and/or jazz musicians.  These materials, which are listed in Appendices I and II, have been transferred to the book and sound recording collections.  All other books and song folios, photographs and vertical file materials not appropriate to the series with which they were filed have also been transferred to other collections; these materials are listed in Appendix III along with materials which have been filed in oversize cabinets.


As received this collection also included ca. 1400 hundred pieces of sheet music, which have been maintained as a separate unit within the sheet music collection.  A substantial portion of this material consists of series of plantation (black stereotype) songs, rags, and jazz blues titles.  Also included are series of early lithographs; E.T. Paul covers; patriotic songs; songs from World War I, World War II and other wars; and songs about automobiles and flying machines and small sets with artifact value, with dance names in the title, from motion pictures and topical (e.g. sinking of the Titanic) songs.  Sheet music filed with manuscripts has been filed at the end of the Avery sheet music collection.




Ray Avery completed high school at Big Bear Lake, California, in 1936 and enrolled at the University of California at Los Angles in 1938.  He left UCLA before graduation to serve with the Army Air Force in the China/Burma/India theater.


While a student at UCLA he began collecting jazz music, an interest which led him to open a rare record store specializing in jazz in 1948.  By 1968 he not only operated two stores (one in Glendale, one in Los Angles) but had become a major figure in the world of California jazz collectors and promoters and had participated in jazz festivals throughout the world.  He also found time to pursue his second hobby, photography, in which he had become interested in 1953.




This collection of manuscripts, printed ephemeral materials, sound recordings, monographs and sheet music assembled by Ray Avery reflects his lifelong interest in and career involvement with jazz music and his interest in black history which developed from his musical interests.


Included in the manuscript portion of the collection are concert announcements, programs and posters; newspaper and magazine clippings; newsletters from jazz and black history organizations; discographies, some compiled by Avery; record company advertisements and posters; press releases from performers, promoters and venues; and other miscellaneous materials organized by Avery in three series: black history subject files; a "jazz scrapbook", and subject files. The last series also contains information on other aspects of American entertainment, particularly in the Los Angles, California, area.  There is considerable overlap in coverage and materials among these three series.


Additional information on jazz may be found in the collection of flyers, broadsides, programs and other mementos which document several trips Avery made to New Orleans, Louisiana, for jazz festivals and related events.  These materials are filed together in a separate series which also includes ca. 900 black and white and color prints and color slides.


Two additional series, one of record company announcements and one of record covers (primarily from multi-disc sets of 78s), along with the sound recordings listed in Appendix II document the portrayal of blacks and black history in recorded American music as well as performances by black entertainers and other jazz musicians.  Similar information on the portrayal of blacks in printed American music may be found in the collection of sheet music which Avery donated to the Center.


Avery also collected concert programs, business papers, clippings, photographs, correspondence, manuscript sheet music, manuscript sound recordings and other documents from four performers influential in the development of American popular music, especially jazz: Paul Whiteman, Ferdinand Grofe, Johnny Mercer and Duke Ellington.  Included in this series (which is organized in four subseries) are manuscript sound discs recorded by Ferdinand Grofe, Bing Crosby and others and diaries, 1860-1888, kept by two of Grofe's grandfathers.  The sound discs have been transferred to digital audio tape and described by the Center audio specialist.  Logs of these tapes can be found in Appendix IV along with a log of tapes copied from similar materials held by Trinity College, Hartford CT.


Two scrapbooks filed at the end of the collection include not only personal mementos created and/or collected by Avery but also materials from jazz festivals around the world which he attended and a brief 16 mm color film of a commercial for his Los Angles record store.




Series I: Black History Subject Files

ca. 1950-1986

.75 l.f. (Boxes 1-2)


Concert announcements, newspaper and magazine clippings, newsletters, and miscellaneous announcements about black performers and entertainers; political and social leaders; cultural events; museums; and research collections.  Also black history postage stamps and a few scattered photographs and artifacts.  Arranged alphabetically by person/subject.


Note: Related and/or overlapping material on black jazz performers and organizations is filed in Series II: "Jazz Scrapbook" and Series III, New Orleans.  Sheet music by black composers and/or performers removed from this series has been filed at the end of the Ray Avery sheet music collection.



Series II: "Jazz Scrapbook"

ca. 1940-1980s

.75 l.f. (Boxes 3-4)


(This material was labeled "Jazz Scrapbook" by Ray Avery but was in fact an accordion folder of loose clippings and other material which have been filed in folders.)


Newspaper and magazine clippings; Avery's typescripts of biographical/discographical material, some copied from elsewhere; concert and club announcements; discographies; record advertisements; posters; press releases; and scattered periodicals and similar materials related to jazz music. Arranged alphabetically by performer/organization/subject/venue/title.


Note: Related material on some black jazz performers is found in Series I, Black History Subject Files, Series III, New Orleans and Series IV, Subject Files.  Related material on white jazz performers is found in Series III, Subject Files.



Series III. New Orleans


.75 l.f. (Boxes 5-7)


The Averys appear to have made three trips to New Orleans: one in the 1940s, one in the mid-1970s and one in the early 1980s.  The material in this series was generated by these trips and is focused primarily, although not exclusively, on jazz.  The material includes flyers, broadsides, programs, tickets, and other mementos, arranged loosely by trip by Avery; 4x5 and 8x10 black and white photographs from the Averys 1940s trip; and color slides and photographs from the two later trips.  The material is arranged as listed.


The early (black and white) photographs include tourist attractions, performers and New Orleans architecture and street life.  Most of the 8x10 black and white photographs are duplicates of the 4x5 photographs.  Later (color) photographs and slides include pictures of the New Orleans Heritage Festival, tourist attractions, performers, and New Orleans street life and architecture.  Some slides are duplicates of the color photographs.



Series IV. Subject Files

ca. 1940-1986.

4.5 l.f. (Boxes 8-17)


Clippings, concert announcements, correspondence, scattered issues of periodicals and other miscellaneous materials related to American entertainment, primarily in the Los Angles, California, area.  Arranged alphabetically by performer/ venue/subject.


Note: Avery at times filed multiple copies of items in different locations within the series (i.e. a festival flyer may appear under "New Orleans", "Jazz" and "Legends of Dixieland"); these duplicates have been left in place.  Multiple duplicates filed in a single location have been weeded.  Related but non-duplicate material may  also be filed in all three locations.


Note: Related material on black performers is found in Series I, Black History Subject Files.  Related material on selected jazz artists is found in Series II "Jazz Scrapbook".  Related material on New Orleans jazz is found in Series III, New Orleans.



Series V. Record Covers


1.25 l.f. (Boxes 18-20)


Covers from multi-disc sets, primarily 78s, and albums by/about black music and musicians and/or related to jazz and jazz events (e.g. festivals).  Some but not all appear to have been removed from discs collected by Avery which are listed in Appendix II.  The covers are arranged first alphabetically by company name, then by issue number, except that covers for which no company was apparent were filed first.



Series VI. Record Company Announcements

1970-ca. 1985

.50 l.f. (Boxes 21-22)


Promotional postcards sent to dealers, 1970-ca.1985, by record companies.  Typically these announcements have artwork on one side and critical praise on the other.  Announcements for radio programs give the dates, stations and cities airing the programs. Country, pop, jazz and other artists are represented.  Also scattered ticket stubs, primarily for the Monteray Jazz Festival.  Arranged alphabetically by performer.



Series VII. Performer Files

1860-1888. 1920-1972

1.00 l.f.  20 manuscript sound recordings. (Boxes 23-29)


This series consists of materials by and about 4 performers arranged in sub-series by performer: (A)Paul Whiteman; (B)Ferde Grofe; (C)Duke Ellington; and (D) Johnny Mercer.   Material in all sub-series except (C) appears to have been in the possession of the performer named at one time.


Note: In this series duplicates within files/subseries were removed; those which appeared in more than one sub-series were not. Sheet music by Whiteman, Mercer

and Ellington filed in subseries A, C, and D has been removed and filed at the end of the Ray Avery sheet music collection.


A note about photographs located in the Performer Files Series VII: Some photographs were transferred from the Iconographic biographical files to Manuscripts in 1998.  Subjects include Duke Ellington, Ferde Grofe, Johnny Mercer, and Paul Whiteman. The original photographs are in a box labeled Ray Avery Photographs Box 1/1 located in the Manuscripts section of the stacks. Photocopies of photographs are filed in the subseries locations and indicated as such.


Subseries A: Paul Whiteman

1920-ca. 1935

.25 l.f. (Box 23)

Concert programs, sheet music and photographs (photocopies) of Paul Whiteman and/or his band including Ferde Grofe, arranged as listed.


Subseries B: Ferdinand Grofe

1860-1888. ca. 1920-1970.

1.00 l.f. 17 manuscript sound recordings. (Boxes 24-27)

Radio scripts, manuscript and annotated printed music, clippings, photographs (photocopies), biographical releases, programs and announcements  documenting the performing and composing career of Ferdinand Grofe.  Scattered personal correspondence and business and legal records.  Diaries and daybooks, 1860-1888, kept by Grofe's grandfather Bernard Bierlich, who was concert master of the Los Angles symphony, and another grandfather, who was a chemist in Germany.  Scrapbook of clippings, programs and scattered correspondence tracing Grofe's career, 1924-1929. [Similar volumes are held by the Library of Congress.]  The sub-series is arranged by source/type of material as listed.


15 sound discs, ca. 1940's.  Home recordings in a variety of sizes, speeds and media including Grofe's "Death Valley Suite" performed by the Wayne State University Band and an interview with Grofe by  WDET; several popular songs performed by Grofe's granddaughter Francis; "Prisoner of Love" performed by Bing Crosby(?); and a number of piano, vocal and orchestral renditions of popular songs and of compositions by Grofe performed by unidentified musicians.  The log made by the audio specialist (Appendix IV) when these discs were transferred to digital audio tape in April 1989 lists the contents of each disc in detail.


Appendix IV also includes a log of audio tape copies of similar sound discs held by Trinity College, Hartord CT, some of which duplicate the Center's discs and some of which do not.


Also two glass discs recorded by NBC which are labelled "Ferdinand Grofe's March for Americans 14 May 1944" and "Ferdinand Grofe's 'Sob Sister'" which were not playable and therefore were not transferred to digital tape.


All discs are filed with other manuscript sound recordings.    Digital audio tape copies (TCD-0082 A/B) of Center discs and of discs held by Trinity College (TCA-0082C/E) are filed with other archival sound recordings.  Reference use audio cassette copies of Center discs (TCA-0082 A&B) are filed with commercial audio cassette tapes.


Subseries C: Duke Ellington


.25 l.f. (Box 28)

Clippings, sheet music, photographs (photocopies), programs and announcements from concerts and other appearances including "Ellington '86", Duke Ellington Jazz Society publications and miscellaneous materials, arranged as listed.  Note: Material

about Ellington is also located in Series I, Black History Subject Files and Series III, Jazz Scrapbook.


Subseries D: Johnny Mercer

1940-1972. 1981.

.25 l.f. (Box 29)

Sheet music; clippings (mostly related to movie "Second Chorus"); photographs (photocopies); business and personal correspondence to, from, and about Mercer, 1953-1981; Christmas cards send by Mercer; manuscript sheet music; and an undated list of Mercer's published songs, arranged as listed.



Series VIII. Personal Mementos


.5 l.f. (2 volumes) (Boxes 30-31)


Clippings, ticket stubs, postcards, business cards, membership cards, and assorted mementos created and/or collected by Avery and arranged by him in two scrapbooks.  Much of this material documents Avery's own career and personal life.  Some materials are from jazz festivals around the world.  Some materials are duplicated in other series (i.e., II, Jazz Scrapbook, III, New Orleans and IV, Subject Files.)[NOTE: Photocopies now available for research located on top of vertical file cabinets in Reading Room. May 2003]




Lists of (1) monographs transferred to the book collection arranged alphabetically by author (Appendix I); (2) materials transferred to the sound recording collection, arranged first by speed, then by label and issue number (Appendix II); (3) other materials transferred elsewhere and/or filed in oversize (Appendix III) and (4) a log of the digital audio tapes made by Center staff from the Ferde Grofe sound discs along with a log of tapes copied from similar materials held by Trinity College, Hartford CT (Appendix IV) follow.


The Center sheet music data base contains item-level information on the Ray Avery sheet music collection and is searchable through the InMagic database.


Appendix I

Materials Transferred to Book Collection


Appendix II

Materials Transferred to Sound Recording Collection


Appendix III

Other Materials Transferred


Appendix IV

Log of Audio Tapes Copied from Original Discs at Trinity College


Appendix V

Photographs Transferred


RAY AVERY COLLECTION                                 



Box and Folder List


Series           Folder Title                   Box/Folder


I. Black History Subject Files


                    A                                1/1

                    B                                1/2

                    C                                1/3

                    D                                1/4

                    E                                1/5

                    F                                1/6

                    G                                1/7

                    H                                1/8

                    I - J                            2/1

                    K                                2/2

                    L                                2/3

                    M                                2/4

                    N                                2/5

                    O                                2/6

                    P - Q                            2/7

                    R                                2/8

                    S                                2/9

                    T                                2/10

                    U - V                            2/11

                    W                                2/12

                    X - Y - Z                        2/13

                    Misc. Photographs                2/14


II. Jazz Scrapbook


                    A                                3/1

                    B                                3/2

                    C                                3/3

                    D                                3/4

                    E                                3/5

                    F                                3/6

                    G                                3/7

                    H                                3/8

                    I - J                            3/9

                    K                                3/10

                    L                                3/11

                    M                                4/1

                    N                                4/2

                    O - P                            4/3

                    Q - R                            4/4

                    S                                4/5

                    T                                4/6         

                    U - V                            4/7

                    W                                4/8

                    X - Y - Z                        4/9


III. New Orleans


                    Tickets                          5/1

                    Programs                         5/2

                    Broadsides                       5/3

                    Postcards                        5/4

                    Misc.                            5/5

                    Memorabilia                      5/6,7,8

                    Black & White Photos             6/1,2,3

                    Color Slides                     7/1,2,3

                    Color Photos                     7/4,5


IV. Subject Files


                    A                                8/1

                    AFRS                             8/2

                    B                                8/3

                    Beatles                          8/4

                    Big Band                         8/5

                    Billboard Magazine               8/6

                    Black Oak Arkansas               8/7

                    Blue Parrot                      8/8

                    BMI                              8/9

                    Book & Discographies             8/10

                    Buck, George                     8/11

                    C                                8/12

                    Calenders                        8/13

                    Carmelo's                        8/14

                    Clark, Buddy                     8/15

                    Concord Jazz                     8/16

                    Copyright Records                8/17

                    D                                9/1

                    Disneyland                       9/2

                    Donte's                          9/3

                    E                                9/4

                    Esquire's 1946 Jazz              9/5

                    F                                9/6

                    G                                10/1

                    Garber, Jan                      10/2

                    Garland, Judy                    10/3

                    Glen Island Casino               10/4

                    Goodman, Benny                   10/5

                    Gramophone                       10/6

                    Graver, Joanne                   10/7

                    H                                10/8

                    Hession, Jim                     10/9

                    Hyatt                            10/10

                    I                                10/11

                    Institute For Jazz Studies       10/12            

                    International Assoc. of Jazz

                      Record Collectors              10/13

                    J                                11/1

                    Jax                              11/2

                    Jazz Clubs                       11/3

                    Jazz Forum                       11/4

                    Jazz Heritage Foundation         11/5

                    Jazz (Misc.)                     11/6

                    Jolson, Al                       11/7

                    Jones, Spike                     11/8

                    K                                11/9

                    Kenton, Stan                     11/10

                    L                                12/1

                    Las Vegas Jazz Club              12/2

                    Laine, Cleo                      12/3

                    Le Cafe'                         12/4

                    M                                12/5

                    McCabe's Concerts                12/6

                    Melody Maker ["Collector's

                      Corner"]                       12/7

                    Miller, Glen                     13/1

                    Mills Bros.                      13/2

                    Monterey Jazz Festival           13/3

                    Monterey Jazz Festival 1986      13/4

                    Music Publications               13/5

                    N                                13/6

                    NARAS                            14/1

                    Nichols, Ray                     14/2

                    O                                14/3

                    OJAI                             14/4

                    P                                14/5

                    Playboy                          14/6

                    Playboy Festival                 14/7

                    Preservation Hall                14/8

                    Presley, Elvis                   14/9

                    Q                                14/10

                    R                                15/1

                    Radio                            15/2

                    Rag Times                        15/3

                    Ragtime                          15/4

                    Rare Records [Avery's Store]     15/5

                    Rawls, Lou                       15/6

                    Record Catalogues                16/1

                    The Record Changer               16/2

                    Record Museum                    16/3

                    Rose, Boris                      16/4

                    S                                16/5

                    Seating Charts                   16/6

                    Session                          16/7

                    Sheet Music                      16/8

                    Show Composers                   16/9

                    Society For Early Recorded Music 16/10

                    So. Bay New Orleans Jazz Club    16/11

                    So. Cal. Hot Jazz Society        16/12

                    T                                17/1

                    Time-Life Jazz                   17/2

                    Times Jazz Club                  17/3

                    Toshiko/ Tabackin                17/4

                    Trains                           17/5

                    U - V                            17/6

                    UCLA Concerts                    17/7

                    Vallee, Rudy                     17/8

                    W                                17/9

                    Winding, Kai                     17/10

                    World Jazz Assoc.                17/11

                    WW II Song Titles                17/12

                    X - Y - Z                        17/13


V. Record Covers

                    Unknown - Clef                   18/-

                    Columbia - Decca                 19/-

                    Disc - Vox                       20/-


VI. Record Company Announcements


                    A                                21/1

                    B                                21/2

                    C                                21/3

                    D                                21/4

                    E - F                            21/5

                    G                                21/6

                    H                                21/7

                    I - J                            21/8

                    K                                21/9

                    L                                21/10

                    M                                22/1

                    N - O - P                        22/2

                    Q - R                            22/3

                    S                                22/4

                    T                                22/5

                    U - V                            22/6

                    W                                22/7

                    X - Y - Z                        22/8


VII. Performers: Whiteman


                    *Whiteman                        23/1,2,3


VII. Performers: Grofe


                    Radio Scripts                    24/1

                    Manuscripts & Annotated Music    24/2

                    Printed Music                    24/3

                    Clippings                        24/4

                    *Photographs                     24/5

                    Biography                        24/6

                    Correspondence/ Personal         25/1

                    Business/ Legal Records          25/2

                    Programs/ Announcements          25/3

                    Account/ Day Book 1867           26/1

                    Account/ Day Book 1872 - 73      26/2

                    Account/ Day Book 1873           26/3

                    Account/ Day Book 1873           26/4

                    Account/ Day Book 1874           26/5

                    Account/ Day Book 1874 - 75      26/6

                    Account/ Day Book 1875           26/7

                    Account/ Day Book 1876           26/8

                    Account/ Day Book 1876 - 77      26/9

                    Account/ Day Book 1877 - 78      26/10

                    Account/ Day Book 1878 - 79      26/11

                    Account/ Day Book 1879           26/12

                    Account/ Day Book 1880           26/13

                    Account/ Day Book 1880 - 81      26/14

                    Account/ Day Book 1881 - 82      26/15

                    Account/ Day Book                26/16

                    Ledger 1871 - 74                 26/17

                    Ledger 1871                      26/18

                    Ledger 1871 - 72                 26/19

                    Ledger 1871 - 72                 26/20

                    Ledger 1872 - 75                 26/21

                    Ledger 1876 - 80                 26/22

                    Diary pp 1 - 24                  26/23

                    Diary pp 25 - 48                 26/24

                    Diary pp 49 - 72**                26/25

                    Diary pp 109 - 120               26/26

                    Diary pp 121 - 132               26/27

                    Diary pp 133 - 144               26/28

                    Diary pp 145 - 156               26/29

                    Diary pp 157 - 168               26/30

                    Diary pp 169 - 180               26/31

                    Diary pp 181 - 192               26/32

                    Diary pp 193 - 204               26/33

                    Diary pp 205 - 216               26/34

                    Diary pp 217 - 228               26/35

                    Diary pp 229 - 240               26/36

                    Diary pp 241 - 252               26/37

                    Diary pp 253 - 264               26/38

                    Diary pp 265 - 276               26/39

                    Diary pp 277 - 288               26/40

                    Diary pp 289 - 300               26/41

                    Diary pp 301 - 312               26/42

                    Diary pp 313 - 324               26/43

                    Diary pp 325 - 348               26/44

                    Diary pp 349 - 360               26/45

                    Diary pp 361 - 372               26/46

                    Diary pp 373 - 384               26/47

                    Diary pp 385 - 396               26/48

                    Diary pp 397 - 408               26/49

                    Diary pp 409 - 420               26/50

                    Bierlich Misc.                   26/51

                    Atlas - Elsa Johanna Beirlich    26/52

                    Scrapbook                        27/-


** Diary pages 73 - 108 are missing.


VII. Performers: Mercer

                    Sheet Music                      28/1

                    Clippings                        28/2

                    *Photographs                     28/3

                    Corrrrespondence & Personal      28/4

                    Christmas Cards                  28/5

                    Manuscripts & Typescripts        28/6

                    Songographies                    28/7


VII. Performers: Ellington

                    Clippings                        29/1

                    Sheet Music                      29/2

                    *Photographs                     29/3

                    Programs/ Announcements          29/4

                    D. Ellington Jazz Society        29/5

                    Ellington '86                    29/6

                    Misc.                            29/7


VIII. Personal Mementos


                    Scrapbook (Postcards I)          30/-

                    Sheet Music Inventory            30/-

                    Scrapbook (Postcards II)         31/-

                    Film                             31/-


*Transferred to box labeled “Ray Avery Photographs” 1/1                                                                                             



Appendix I

Black History Materials Transferred

to Book Collection



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Liebow, Elliot. TALLY'S CORNER: A STUDY OF STREETCORNER MEN. Little, Brown and Company (Inc.), 1967.

Mayer, Robert A. BLACKS IN  AMERICA: A PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORD. International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House, 1986.

Pratt, Fletcher. CIVIL WAR IN PICTURES. Garden City Books, 1955.

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Rose, Arnold. THE NEGRO IN AMERICA. Harper and Brothers, 1948.

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Woodward, C. Vann. THE STRANGE CAREER OF JIM CROW. 3nd rev. ed. Oxford University Press, 1977.

Woodward, C. Vann. THE STRANGE CAREER OF JIM CROW. 2nd rev. ed. Oxford University Press, 1970.


Appendix II

Materials Transferred to Sound

Recording Collection


78s, arranged by label/issue number:


ALPHA. 1002. Neil Lawrence and the Joe Hembree Trio. Lou'siana voodoo man/ Two of a kind.

BRUNSWICK. 2177. Carl Fenton's Orchestra. Leave me with a smile-Fox trot/ Weep no more my mammy

BRUNSWICK. 2228. Criterion Quartet. Little cotton dolly/ Kentucky babe.

BRUNSWICK. 2287. Criterion Quartet. Swing along/ Mammy's lullaby.

BRUNSWICK. 2441. Carl Fenton's Orchestra. Annabelle- Fox trot/ Carolina mammy. (3 copies)

BRUNSWICK. 5004. Marie Tiffany and Male Trio. Carry me back to old Virginny/ Criterion Quartet. Old black Joe.

BRUNSWICK. 5133. Marie Tiffany and Mixed Trio. Little Alabama coon/ Such a li'l fellow.

COLUMBIA. 805. Minstrels. My old Kentuckey home.

COLUMBIA. 1719. Bob Roberts. Tain't no disgrace to run when you're skeered.

COLUMBIA. 17133-D. Stanely Holloway. The negro preacher/ The parson of puddle.

COLUMBIA. A160. Columbia Orchestra. The invincible eagle march/ Darkey tickle.

COLUMBIA. A221. Banjo solo. Darkey's Patrol/ Cornet and trombone duet. Birds of the forest.

COLUMBIA. A293. George Alexander. I want what I want when I want it/ Arthur Collins. The parson and the turkey.

COLUMBIA. A696. Frank C. Stanley and Byron G. Harlan. Dixie/ Carroll C. Clark. De little old log cabin in de lane.(2 variants)

COLUMBIA. A852. Carroll C. CLark. Massa's in the cold, cold ground/ Carry me back to Tennessee.

COLUMBIA. A1041. Brown Brothers Saxophone Quintette. American patrol/ The bullfrog and the coon.

COLUMBIA. A1475. Columbia Ladies Quartette. Little Alabama coon/ Rockin' in de win'.

COLUMBIA. A1765. Nat M. Wills. No news, or, what killed the dog/ Two negro stories (1)The head waiter. (2)The colored social club.

COLUMBIA. A1999. Harry C. Browne. Nigger love a watermelon, Ha! Ha! Ha!/ Old Dan Tucker.

COLUMBIA. A2051. Columbia Stellar Quartette. When the corn is waving, Annie dear/ Old black Joe.

COLUMBIA. A2058. Howard Kopp and Samuel Jospe. Uncle Tom-One step/ Yaaka hula hickey dula.

COLUMBIA. A2064. George O'Connor. Nigger blues/ Al Jolson. I'm saving up the means to get to New Orleans.

COLUMBIA. A2114. Broadway Quartette. Mammy's little coal black rose/ Charles Harison and Inez Barbour. Love me at twilight.

COLUMBIA. A2235. Golden and Marlowe. The hospital patient/ Darkey's oration on women.

COLUMBIA. A2450. Louise, Ferera, and Greenus. The Missouri waltz/ Little Alabama coon.

COLUMBIA. A2478. Al Jolson. I'm all bound 'round with the Mason Dixon Line/ Collins and Harlan. Darktown strutter's ball.

COLUMBIA. A2550. Marimbaphone Band. There's a lump of sugar down in Dixie/ At the cotton pickers' ball. (3 copies)

COLUMBIA. A2572.Evan Davies. Mrs. Rastus Johnson at the wedding/ My possum hunt.

COLUMBIA. A2623. Sterling Trio. Everything is peaches down in Georgia/ The pickaninnies paradise.

COLUMBIA. A2747. Waldorf-Astoria Dance Orchestra. The red lantern/ The Happy Six. Mammy's lullaby.

COLUMBIA. A2771. Nora Bayes. You can't get lovin' where there ain't any love/ Mammy's pickaninny don't you cry.

COLUMBIA. A2853. Harry C. Browne and the Peerless Quartette. Keemo Kimo/ Hear dem bells.

COLUMBIA. A2889. Oscar Seagle. Golden Crown/ Standin' in the need o' prayer.

COLUMBIA. A2900. Prince's Orchestra. Happy days in Dixie/ Smokey mokes.

COLUMBIA. A2941. Bert Williams. Ten little bottles/ Unlucky blues.

COLUMBIA. A3372. Yerkes Jazarimba Orchestra. My mammy/ The Happy Six. Do you ever think of me?.

COLUMBIA. A3450.Southern Negro Quartette. I ain't givin' nothin' away/ Sweet mamma (Papa's getting mad).(2 copies)

COLUMBIA. A3500. Vernon Dalhart. Weep no more (My mammy)/ Al Jolson. April showers.

COLUMBIA. A3627. Frank Westphal and His Rainbow Orchestra. Those longing for you blues/The Happy Six. Pick me up and lay me down.

COLUMBIA. A3650. Billy Jones. Why should I cry over you/ Hart Sisters. Sleepy little village.

COLUMBIA. A3690. Ray Miller and His Orchestra. Early in the morning/ Dixie highway.

COLUMBIA. A3697. Eddie Elkins' Orchestra. Coal black mammy/ Tempting.

COLUMBIA. A3854. Al Johnson. Coal black mammy/ Shannon Four. Lindy lady.

DECCA. 1526. Ambrose and His Orchestra. Deep Henderson/ Cotton picker's congregation.

EDISON. 50520. Arthur Collins. The preacher and the bear/ Golden and Heins. A coon possum hunt.

EDISON. 80727. Losey's Instrumental Quartet. Massa's in de cold,cold ground/ Forgotten.

EDISON. Edward Meeker and Empire Vaudvill Co. Whistling coon. Golden and heins. The colored recruits.

EMERSON. 1034. Emerson Military Band. Mammy o'mine/ Tell me.

GENNETT. 4945. Billy Jones. Three o'clock in the morning/ Ernast Hare. Coal black mammy.

GENNETT. 5662. Washington's Kentucky Quartette. I will be da/ Throw 'way dem ole shoes.

HYTONE. L- 69. Fred Van Eps. Dixie medley/ Southern melodies medley.

JAZZ MAN. Lu Watters' Yerba Buena Jazz Band. Muskrat ramble/ Smokey mokes.

JAZZ MAN. [Number 5] Lu Watters' Yerba Buena Jazz Band. Cake walking babies/ Riverside blues.         

MASTERPIECE. 8523. Male Chorus. My old Kentucky home/ Jeannie with the light brown hair.

MELOTONE. 6-10-11. Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees. The way you look to-night/ Bojangles of Harlem.

MONARCH/ VICTOR RECORD. 285. Metropolitan Opera. Suwanee River.

MONARCH/ VICTOR RECORD. 2915. Bob Roberts. Oysters and clams.

OKEH. 4067.  Evelyn Cox-Joseph Phillips. When two  hearts discover/ Crescent Trio. Picknanny blues.

OKEH. 4456. Billy Jones and Ernast Hare. Ten little fingers and little toes/ Shannon Four. Plantation lullaby.

OKEH. 4704. Ernast Hare. Wagset watermelon/ Jack and the beanstalk.

OXFORD. 1101. Negro Shout. Turkey in the straw.

PARAMOUNT. 20011. Henry Burr. Picknanny blues/ Let the Rest of the world go by.

PEACOCK. 1753. Otis Jackson. The life story of Madame Betune - part one/ part two.

PURITAN. 11011. Henry Burr. Picknanny blues/ Qula Helena      Evans. Let the rest of the world go by.

SILVERTONE. 47037. Vocal Quartette. Mammy's little coal black rose.

STANDARD DISC RECORD. 3094. [Baritone solo]. Tennessee.

STANDARD DISC RECORD. 3494. [Baritone and tenor duet]. Susan, kiss me good and hard.

STANDARD DISC RECORD. 3611. [Baritone and tenor duet]. Lovin' time.

VICTOR. 5636. Edwin Whitney. The darky and the boys.

VICTOR. 16079. Arthur Pryor's Band. On Jersey shore march/ Coon band contest.

VICTOR. 16104. Haydn Quartet. I'se gwine back to Dixie/ Victor Drum, Fife and Bugle Corps. My Maryland march.

VICTOR. 16149. Peerless Quartet. Moonlight on the lake/ Victor minstrels no. 10 (Bye, bye, my sailor boy/ Good bye, Honey, good bye). (2 variants).

VICTOR. 16215. Arthur Collins. Every little bit, added to what you've got, makes just a little bit more/ Any rags.

VICTOR. 16218. Haydn Quartet. Massa's in the cold, cold ground/ Cornfield Medley.

VICTOR. 16448. Fisk University Jubilee Quartet. 1-Little David, play on yo' harp. 2- Shout all over God's heaven/ I couldn't hear nobody pray.

VICTOR. 16466. Fisk University Jubilee Quartet. Roll, Jordon, roll/ Rev. J.W. Meyers. Banjo song.

VICTOR. 16507. Frank C. Stanley Peerless Quartet. Big Bass Viol (Bohamon)/ Golden and Hughes. Epitaphs, or two darkys in a cemetery.

VICTOR. 16531. Harlan and Stanley. Tramp, tramp,tramp/ Peerless Quartet. Old Black Joe.

VICTOR. 16540. Golden and Hughes. Down in Turkey Hollow/ Collins and Harlan. Sugar moon.

VICTOR. 16686. Haydn Quartet. Old dog tray/ Billy Murray. Hear dem bells.

VICTOR. 16729. Arthur Pryor's Band. Pretty black eyed Susan/ Collins and Harlan. Yucatana man.

VICTOR. 17011. Golden and Hughes. Aunt Mandy/ Arthur Collins. The ghost of the banjo coon.

VICTOR. 17020. Collins and Harlan. Everybody's doing it now/ Golden and Hughes. Darktown poets.

VICTOR. 17039. Elsie Baker. Pickaninny's lullaby/ John Barnes Wells. Mammy's song.

VICTOR. 17097. Henry Burr. Tell me, Sweet Rose/ Peerless. Quartet. Down de Lover's Lane.

VICTOR. 17256. Billy Golden. Turkey in de straw/ Collins and Harlan. Nigger loves his 'possum.

VICTOR. 17305. Haydn Quartet. In the evening by the moonlight (Old plantation air)/ Marguerite Dunlap. Massa's in de cold, cold ground. (2 variants).

VICTOR. 17369. Guido Gialdini. Love's smile waltz/ Fred van Eps. Frolic of the coons.

VICTOR. 17465. Victor Military Band. Peg o' my heart- One step or turkey trot/ Pullman porters on parade- Medley one-step or turkey trot.

VICTOR. 17650. Morton Harvey. I want to go back to Michigan (Down on the farm)/ American Quartet. At the Mississippi cabaret.

VICTOR. 17688. Tuskegee Institute Singers. Go down Moses/ I want to be like Jesus.

VICTOR. 17818. Ralph Bingham. Mrs. Rastus at the telephone/ Jests from Georgia. (3 variants).

VICTOR. 17918. Olive Kline- Elsie Baker  Marguerite Dunlap. Go to sleep, my dusky baby/ Rockin' time.

VICTOR. 18116. Fred Van Eps Daly's reel- One step and buck dance/ Medley of southern melodies.

VICTOR. 18127. Venetian Trio. Old folks at home (Swanee River)/ Neapolitan Trio. My old Kentucky home.

VICTOR. 18174. Victor Military Band. Nigger blues- Fox trot/ Joe Turner blues- Medley fox trot.

VICTOR. 18183. Orpheus Quartet. Mammy's little coal black rose/ When evening shadows fall. (5).

VICTOR. 18195. Orpheus Quartet. Carry me back to old Virginny/ Peerless Quartet. Darling Nellie Gray.

VICTOR. 18225. American Quartet. How's every little thing in Dixie/ Peerless Quartet. In the days of Old Black Joe.

VICTOR. 18231. Ralph Bingham. Goldstein behind the bars/ Mrs. Rastus Johnson at the wedding. (2).

VICTOR. 18237. Tuskegee Institute Singers. (1) Roll, Jordan roll; (2) I want God's heaven to be mine/ Nobody Knows the trouble I see.

VICTOR. 18376. Six Brown Brothers. The Darktown Strutters' Ball- Fox trot/ Van Eps Trio. Razzberries- One-step.

VICTOR. 18394. Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band. Li'l' Liza Jane- One step/ Coon band contest- Fox trot. (3).

VICTOR. 18512. Vernon Dalhart. Rock-a-by your baby with a Dixie melody/ Sterling Trio. The pickaninny's paradise. (2).

VICTOR. 18519. Conway's Band. Old folks at home (Swanee River), Juanita (Mrs. Norton)/ Old Black Joe, Massa's in de cold, cold ground.

VICTOR. 18587. Ralph Bingham. Mrs. Rastus Johnson's joy ride/ Brother Jones' sermon.

VICTOR. 18615. Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra. Waiting- Medley fox trot/ Mammy o' Mine- Medley one-step.(2 copies).

VICTOR. 18617. All Star Trio. Alcholic blues-Medley fox trot/ Jerry-Medley fox trot.

VICTOR. 18698. The Benson Orchestra of Chicago. Chili bean-Fox trot/ My little bimbo-One step.

VICTOR. 18730. Peerless Quartet. My mammy/ Albert Campbell - Henry Burr. Underneath Hawiian Skies.

VICTOR. 18737. Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra. My mammy-Medley fox trot/ Humming-Medley fox trot.

VICTOR. 18815. "Black Face" Eddie Ross. Ross' dog trot/ Ross' reel.

VICTOR. 18825. Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra. Weep no more my mammy-Fox trot/ April showers-Fox trot.

VICTOR. 18908. Peerless Quartet. Rock me in my Swanee cradle/ Sterling Trio. Old Kentucky moonlight.

VICTOR. 18939. Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra. Coal black mammy-Fox trot/Tricks-Fox trot.

VICTOR. 19013. Shannon Quartet. Kentucky Babe/ Little cotton dolly.

VICTOR. 19087. The Great White Way Orchestra. Stella-Fox trot/ Carolina mammy-Fox trot.

VICTOR. 19125. The Great White Way Orchestra. Oh Susanna-Medley Fox trot/ The Troubadours. Southern melodies-Waltz.

VICTOR. 19227. Marian Anderson. Deep river/ My way's cloudy.

VICTOR. 19343. Shannon Quartet. Little Alabama coon/ My Creole Sue.®PG¯

VICTOR. 20093. "Sam 'n' Henry". Sam's speech at the colored lodge/ Sam 'n' Henrey at the fortune tellers.

VICTOR. 20976. Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orchestra. Wherever you are-Fox trot/ Headin' for Harlem-Fox trot.

VICTOR. 21842. Utica Institute Jubilee Singers. Balm in Gilead/ Leaning on the Lord.

VICTOR. 25106. Paul Robeson. The killing song/ Congo lullaby.

VICTOR. 25261. Victor Dance Orchestra. Moon winks-Three step/ Cake walk.

VICTOR.  25746. Eve Symington. La petite amie/ Blackman's lullaby.

VICTOR RECORD. 1416.Haydn Quartet Medley of plantation songs.

VICTOR RECORD. 1862. George Graham. Colored funeral.

VICTOR RECORD. 1997. Haydn Quartet. My old Kentucky home.

VICTOR RECORD. 2519. Arthur Collins. Any rags?.

VICTOR RECORD. 2672. Haydn Quartet. Old plantation scenes no. 2 - The old cabin home.

VICTOR RECORD. 2673. Haydn Quartet. Old plantation scenes no. 3 - The wanderer's return.

VICTOR RECORD. 2931. Miss Quinn and Mr. Thompson/ Suwanee River.

VICTOR RECORD. 4110. Bob Roberts. You must think I'm Santa Claus.

VICTOR RECORD. 4345. Haydn Quartet. In the evening by the moonlight.

VICTOR RECORD. 4515. Billy Golden. Turkey in de straw.

VICTROLA. 64564. Alma Gluck. I'se gwine back to Dixie.

VICTROLA. 64697. Mabel Garrison. Little Alabama coon.

VOCALION. 14315. The Bar Harbor Society Orchestra. Old timers-Fox trot/ Southern medley-One step.

VOCALION. 14338. Criterion Male Quartet. Kentucky babe/ Cotton dolly.

VOCALION. 14376. Criterion Male Quartet. Honey, I wants yer now/ De sandman.

VOCALION. 14482. Criterion Male Quartet. Ole Uncle Moon/ Mammy's lullaby.

ZON-O-PHONE RECORD. 456. Hagar's Orchestra. Darkies tickle


45s, arranged by label/issue number:


AFFIE RECORDS. AR 301. Henry Love & No. 1 Explosion. Black child crying/ 186,000 miles per second.

AMANDA. 45-401. The Hudson Chorale. I have a dream/ We shall overcome.

BEATRIX RECORDS. 45-622. Billy Daniels. "Maybe God is black"/ "Our own living love song".

BLACK FORUM. B20000F. Elaine Brown. "No time"/ "Until we're free.

BUDDAH RECORDS. BDA 197. Three Rivers Blues Band. Captain America/ (I'm just a) Freedom rider.

CONDOR. C-200. Broad Street Gang. Free the black man's chains.

COTILLION. 45-44138. Brook Benton. A black child can't smile.

DYNAMO RECORDS. D-134. Inez and Charlie Foxx and Their Mockin' Band. "We got a chance to be free"/ "Speed ticket".

EDSEL. 787. Harold Jackson and the Jackson Brothers. The freedom riders/ Travelin'.

ERA RECORDS. 3177. Tommy Mosley. Wishing well/ Big fat mama from New Orleans.

ESP-DISC. ESP-4561 DJ. Jerry Moore. Ballad of Birmingham/ Winds of change. (2 copies).

EXELLO RECORDS. 45-8009. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Remaining awake through a great revolution - Part 1/ Part 2.

FLYING DUTCHMAN. FD 26006. Rosko. A love supreme/ Bob Theile Emergency. Lament for John Coltrane.

FLYING DUTCHMAN. FD-26011. Gil Scott-Heron with Pretty Purdie & the Playboys. Home is where the hatred is/ The revolution will not be televised.

FLYING DUTCHMAN. FD-26015. Gil Scott-Heron with Pretty Purdie & the Playboys. Lady Day and John Coltrane/ Save the Children. (2 copies).

FOGGY LOVE. 45-901. Dale Kahr & Christy Boughn. Black is black/ Moon child.

G.N.P. GNP-153X. Paul Bley Quartet. Porgy/ I remember Harlem.

GOOD TIME JAZZ. 45073. Firehouse Five Plus Two. Lonesome railroad blues/Runnin' wild.

GORDY. G-7023. Rev. Martin Luther King. I have a dream/ Liz Lands. We shall overcome. (2 copies).

GORDY. GEP-906. Rev. Martin Luther King. 1. Segregation is wrong 2. Urgency of Moment/ 1. The price of freedom 2. I have a dream.

HERB JEFFERIES. RRE-101/ REE-102. Herb Jefferies with Richard Hazard and his Orchestra. The conqueror/ The heart of a woman.

HI RECORDS. 5N-2298. Heinsight. Harlem shuffle/ Disco hustle.

IMPERIAL RECORDS. 66327. Danny Wagner and the Kindred Soul. Harlem shuffle/ When Johnny comes marching home.

JAMAL. MS 3170. J. Gwanga and African Explision. African sausage/ Szaba-Szaba.

JAN MAR RECORDS. JA-309. Doye O'Dell. Freight Train Goin' Home/ Old Jimmy.

JEWEL RECORDS. JEWEL 277. Bill Moss and the Celestials. A prayer for the Georgia mothers/ Theme for the Georgia tragedy.

JEWEL RECORDS. JEWEL 843. Don Evans. The black American/ The Black Americans. Battle hymn of the Republic. (4 copies).

JEWEL RECORDS. SL 1637. Stanley Winston. No more ghettos in America.

JOKER RECORDS. 711. Ricardo King. This is the moment/ At the Harlem Center. (2 copies).

KAPP. K-436X. State Choir of Southwestern Michigan,Church of God in Christ. Going to heaven to meet the King - Part 1/ Part 2.

KIRSHNER. 63-5006. The Globetrotters. Gravy/ Cheer me up.

KIRSHNER. SPS-45-257. The Globetrotters. Duke of Earl.

LINTERNA MUSICA. SP 1285-012. Clonicos. Hande/ in-out/ Aspetti diversi.

M-G-M. K13927 SS. Kim Weston. Lift ev'ry voice and sing/ This is America.

MALA RECORDS. M-12,025. Nikki Lee. And black is beautiful/ Faith within. (3 copies).

MAN-CHILD RECORDS. 5001. The Sister's Love. This time tomorrow/ I know you love me.

MIRA RECORDS. 236. The Afro Blues Quintet Plus One. Let my people go/ Afro-rock.

ODE. ODE-66011. Meery Clayton. Lift ev'ry voice and sing (mono)/ Lift ev'ry voice and sing (stereo).

PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIONAL RECORDS. ZS7 3526. Billy Paul. Am I black enough for you/ I'm gonna make it this time. (2 copies).

PRODIGAL. P-0623F. Joe Frazier. Little dog heaven/ What ya gonna do when the rain starts fallin'.

PROSCENIUM RECORDS. PR-251. The Freedom Riders. The Klan song/ Part of it.

PYE RECORDS. PYE 71012. Johnny Wakelin & The Kinshasa Band. Black Superman - "Muhammand Ali"/ Bang the drum.

RCA VICTOR. 47-8262. Odetta. Got my mind on freedom/ It's a mighty world.

REVUE. R-11065. Jimmy Graham. We shall overcome/ Love can't be modernized.

STAX RECORDS. STA-0007. The Staple Singers. Long walk to D.C./ Stay with us. (2 copies).

STAX. 45-248. William Bell. Every man oughta have a woman/ A tribute to a King.

TWINIGHT RECORDS. 125. Sly Johnson. Let them hang high/ Is it because I'm black.

UA LATINO. LT-XW380-W. Los Angeles Negros. Dejenme Si EStoy LLorando/ Debut Y Despedia.

VANGUARD. VRS-35051. Perrey-Kingsley. Visa to the stars/ Spooks in space.

W.I.P. V.I.P.25054. The Spinners. Message from a blackman.



Audio Cassettes, arranged by label/issue number:


MCA. MCAC-2094. The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings.


WARNER BROS. 3036. Alex Haley Tells the Story of His Roots.


Appendix III

Other Materials Transferred



Special Collections-Scores-Secular Choral Vocal







Bairnsfather, Bruce. THE BYSTANDER'S FRAGMENTS FROM FRANCE. The Bystander, 1916.


BRITISH MINSTRELSIE. Volume II. T.C. and E.C. Jack, n.d.


Kiersch, Edward. WHERE ARE YOU NOW BO DIDDLEY?. Doubleday, 1986.


THE MOST POPULAR SONGS OF PATRIOTISM.  Hinds, Hayden and Eldredge, Inc., 1916.


Solberg, Thorvald.  THE PRESENT INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT SITUATION: THREATS OF REPRISAL.  American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, 1934.


Standard School Broadcast.  TWENTY-SECOND ANNUAL MUSICAL MAP OF AMERICA. Standard Oil Company of California, 1949.







JAZZ TIMES.  May-September, November, 1986.


*RAG BABY. October, 1965. (Accompanying 7" 33rpm transferred to sound recordings)


* serial vertical file



Song Folios:






E.T. PAULL'S MARCH FOLIO. New and Revised Edition. (2 copies)









Vertical File-Biographical-Oversize:


The Cult

Essex, David

Flack, Roberta with Donny Hathaway

Henie, Sonja

John, Elton (2)

Mahan, Larry

Pavarotti, Luciana


Prince/Andre Cymone/Pepe Williams



Scritti Politti

Unknown Country-Western (4)

Van Halen

Winter, Johnny

Winwood, Steve



Vertical File-Subject-Oversize:


Appalachian Arts and Crafts (filed: FOLKLORE-APPALACHIAN)


Boston Symphony Orchestra (filed: CONCERTS)




Grammy Award Posters. 1979. 1979. 1981. (filed: GRAMMY AWARDS)


*Melrose Standard Publications Catalog, Chicago. (Filed: MUSIC PUBLISHERS--CATALOGS)


R.C.A. Victor Red Seal Recording Artists stand-up poster series including E. Power Biggs, Alexander Brailowsky. Desire Defauw, Mischa Ellman, Arthur Fielder, William Primrose, Robert Shaw and Thomas L. Thomas (filed: R.C.A. VICTOR)



* not oversize



Appendix IV

Log of Audio Tapes Copied from

Original Discs at Trinity College


Ferde Grofe Recordings



19 A Semon Recording Laboratory           716 Wilshire Blvd.

      Santa Monica, Calif.


Ferde and Anne Grofe at two pianos* Mardi Gras (Mississippi Suite), Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra), Richard Hale Baritone.

19 B Semon Recording Laboratory

      716 Wilshire Blvd.

      Santa Monica, Calif


Dawn at Lake Mead




19 C Semon Recording Laboratory

      716 Wilshire Blvd.

      Santa Monica, Calif.


Alice Blue from Three Shades of Blue, on the Trail from Grand Canyon Suite

19 D Semon Recording Laboratory

      716 Wilshire Blvd.

      Santa Monica, Calif.


Valley of the Ditches

Masque of the Yellow Moon from Valley of the Sun Suite




19 E Semon Recording Laboratory

      716 Wilshire Blvd.

      Santa Monica, Calif.


The Dam Builders From Valley of the Sun Suite

19 F Semon Recording Laboratory

      716 Wilshire Blvd.

      Santa Monica, Calif.


Golden Jubilee From Valley of the Sun Suite



(Exbrook 4-2767 Texas 0-6242)



***except for the Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address


Note: Cassettes taped on SIDE A only


Note: Audio cassette tapes TCA-0082C (19b) and TCA-0082D (19c and d) duplicate some but not all of the material on TCD-0082A. The Center does not hold copies of the material on TCA-0082A (19 e and f) and because of the physical condition of our disc could not duplicate the Center copy of the material on TCA-0082C (19a).



Appendix V

Ray Avery Photographs Transferred



In December 1998, the Ray Avery photographs were transferred from the Iconographic biographical files to the Manuscripts section of the stacks, along with the other Ray Avery Collection materials (86-009). They are housed in a box labeled Ray Avery Photographs Box 1/1.


Oversize photographs remain in the oversize box (marked Avery) and oversize drawer.



Ray Avery Photographs


Folder List:


1    Ellington, Duke -- Broadcasts & Film

2    Ellington, Duke -- Candid Shots

3    Ellington, Duke -- Orchestra

4    Ellington, Duke -- Publicity & Promotion

5    Ellington, Duke -- Sacred Concerts

6    Grofe, Ferde -- Autographed Portraits

7    Grofe, Ferde -- Candid

8    Grofe, Ferde -- Family Photographs

9    Grofe, Ferde -- Honors, Awards

10   Grofe, Ferde -- Musicians

11   Grofe, Ferde -- Photographic Proofs [RESTRICTED]

12   Grofe, Ferde -- Publicity Photos

13   Grofe, Ferde -- Publicity Photos

14   Grofe, Ferde -- Published Publicity Photos

15   Mercer, Johnny -- Candid and Publicity

16   Whiteman, Paul -- Publicity, ca. 1920-1960

17   Whiteman, Paul -- Publicity, ca. 1922 [RESTRICTED]

18   Whiteman, Paul -- Publicity, ca. 1922 [RESTRICTED]


The restricted photos have corresponding digital images, as described in the collection description, in the archivist’s office.



[Written by Ellen Garrison 1991; updated by David Jellema 1998; Lucinda Cockrell 2007]



RAY AVERY COLLECTION                                                                                 



(Located in Reading Room on top of Vertical File Cabinets)


This notebook documents the Ray Avery scrapbooks titled “Postcards I” and “Postcards II” in the condition and arrangement in which they were originally received.  These photocopies provide a record of the arrangement of the materials, and not necessarily their content.  The photocopies of the scrapbook pages are available for research.  The original scrapbooks were dismantled and placed in acid-free pages and notebooks located in the Manuscript section of the stacks in the Avery collection, Series VIII, Box 30 and Box 31.


Ray Avery may have assembled and placed all of the materials found in the scrapbooks, but it is possible that a member of his family or someone else created it.  Please see the inventory description in the Special Collections Inventory notebooks located in the main reading room for further information.


LPC March 2003