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The Douglas Moore Collection

Douglas Moore                           10-029

Sheet Music Collection



Physical Description: 51 sheet music, 1 songbook


Dates: 1884-1912


Abstract (Descriptive Summary): 51 pieces of sheet music and 1 songbook belonging to composer Douglas Moore and family.


RESTRICTIONS: All materials in this collection are subject to standard national and international copyright laws.


Provenance and Acquisition Information: Gift from R. & A. Petrilla of Roosevelt, NJ, February 2011.



Subjects/Index Terms:

Subjects: Marching Songs and music, Seasons -- Songs and music, Love -- Songs and music, Comic songs, Lullabies Songs and music, Religious poetry, Lovesickness Songs and music, Marches, War songs -- United States, Railroads -- Songs and music, Women in music, Marches (Piano), Musical theater -- Songs and music, Comedy

Names: Moore, Douglas, 1893-1969


Agency History/biographical sketch: Douglas Moore was born on August 10, 1893. He is best known for his operas The Devil and Daniel Webster and The Ballad of Baby Doe. Moore was born in the village of Cutchogue, on Long Island, where he lived for his entire life until his death at age 75 on July 25, 1969.



Scope and content: Collection of 51 pieces of sheet music and one book. Some pieces belonged to Mr. Moore’s mother or grandmother. Some bear his signature or his name stamped on. The pieces encompass a wide variety of genres, from religious music (such as the “Heaven’s Artillery March”) to comic songs (such as “Good-Night, Nurse”). Some pieces of sheet music are selections from various shows, such as “Mollie Malone” and “Hiram Green Good-bye,” both from the show Kafoozelum, or “Rhoda and her Pagoda” from the show San Toy.


Materials Cataloged Separately: All sheet music catalogued in Center’s database.


Arrangement: Original order has not been maintained; materials have been processed according to the Center for Popular Music’s cataloging procedures. The items in this collection are individually catalogued in the Center’s InMagic database.


Location: The majority of the sheet music is stored in the Center for Popular Music-Large collection, box 95.


Item List

Sheet Music Pieces and Songbook, Arranged Alphabetically

As we swing sweetheart--061906-SHOW

Au printemps--007744-CPMLG

Biddle's Piano Waltz--007772-CPMLG

Bien chapeautee--117001-SHOW

Bon voyage. mouvement de Gavotte--007749-CPMLG

The boogie boo--117101-SHOW



Echoes at eventide--007768-CPMLG

Faithful I'll be to you--007767-CPMLG

Gavotte modern--007755-CPMLG

Good-a-bye, John!--060716-SHOW

Good-night, nurse--007750-CPMLG

Graded course of studies for the piano forte in ten grades: grade five--SP-090761

Heaven's artillery march--007743-CPMLG

Hiram Green good-bye--116902-SHOW

I love a lassie--007761-CPMLG

I love, and the world is mine--007748-CPMLG

I love, and the world is mine--007759-CPMLG

Jim Jim I always knew that you'd win--007771-CPMLG

Les deux alouettes = The two larks--007745-CPMLG

Liebeslied. an old-world serenade--007758-CPMLG

Lullaby song--007751-CPMLG

The man that broke the bank at Monte Carlo--007780-CPMLG

The man with three wives--007779-CPMLG


Merry hearts dance--007769-CPMLG

The Merry Widow Waltz--045126-SHOW

Mollie Malone--116901-SHOW

My god and father, while I stray--007756-CPMLG

My sweet wild rose--007760-CPMLG


Oh! that we two were maying--007762-CPMLG

Past and future--007747-CPMLG


Pumping the pump, pump, pump--007763-CPMLG

Rhoda and her pagoda--064306-SHOW

Second Mazurka--007775-CPMLG

She borrowed my only husband (and forgot to bring him back)--007764-CPMLG

Song of the soul--012002-SHOW

Sounds from the ringing rocks--007770-CPMLG

The storm--007765-CPMLG

Sunset limited--007781-CPMLG

Till the sands of the desert grow cold--007752-CPMLG

Under the rose--007778-CPMLG


Village Beauty--007774-CPMLG

The Washington post--007783-CPMLG

Westward, ho!-- 007766-CPMLG

When I think on the happy days--007757-CPMLG

You're just the girl I'm looking for--007777-CPMLG


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