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KACHAMBA, DONALD                         91-021

Physical description:

2 10" reel to reel audio tapes (TTA-0154A/B)

1 audio cassette tape (TCA-0154)


30 June 1991


This performance was taped at Jazz Pub in Mainz, Germany. A cassette copy (TCA-0154) of the original tape was donated to the Center by Gerhard Kubik. Center audio specialist Bruce Nemerov made the reel to reel copies (TTA-0154A/B) of the cassette tape which has now become the reference copy.

Biographical sketch:

Donald Kachamba, born in Blantrye in 1953, is considered one of the outstanding musician-composers of the middle generation in southeast Africa. . . . He has contributed to the development of the kwela (flute-jive) tradition. ... Kewla . . . became a code word for a jazz-related form of music which emerged in southern Africa during the 1950s. Kwela was inspired by contemporary American jazz forms of the Swing period in Jazz history. It soon assimilated, however, African musical forms of various southern African regions. . . . Donald Kachamba is the last surviving representative of this tradition in southern Africa today."

-- taken from description which follows

Scope and content:

Audio tape of a performance of kwela music by Donald Kachamba, Moya Aliya Malamusi, Gerhard Kubik, and Stuwadi Mpotalinga on 30 June 1991 in Mainz Germany.

A description of and bibliography of materials related to Kachamba and kwela music; a list of the pieces performed on the tape; and the Center-generated audio log of the tape follow.


The archival copy of the tape (TTA-0154A/B) is filed with other archival audio visual materials which are arranged first by format, then by tape number. The use copy of the tape (TCA-0154) is filed with commercial audio tapes.