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FRANKLIN, LOUIS "RED" (b. 1923)                             92-052

Physical description:

11 reel to reel audio tapes (TCA-0172A/K)




Publication requires permission of Larry Franklin or his designated representative.


These tapes were lent for copying by Larry Franklin, Antioch TN, who is the son of Louis Franklin. The copies were made by Center audio specialist Bruce Nemerov.

Biographical sketch:

Louis "Red" Franklin was born in Windom, Texas in 1923. A farmer, he was also a well-known fiddler associated with the development of Texas-style fiddling. He appeared on albums released by County Records and in 1982 [?] recorded an album Louis and Larry Franklin's Keepsake Album at the Pollaro Studios in Denison TX.

Scope and content:

These audio tapes, recorded between 1957 and 1970, consist primarily of performances by Louis "Red" Franklin and of groups with which he played including a 1963 Christmas program (TTA-0173C) by the Texas Wonders and a tape (TTA-0173D/E) of performances by both Louis and Larry (age 9) Franklin at a fiddle contest held in Athens [TX?] in 1962. The tape (TTA-0173G) of the "Reilly Springs [TX?] Jamboree" broadcast by KSSP in 1962 includes background information on Louis Franklin as well as performances by Louis and Larry Franklin.

The audio logs prepared by Bruce Nemerov which follow contain a partial list of other performers who appear on the tapes, including Norma, Vernon and Mike Solomon and Bartow Riley, and a partial list of tunes performed. It is expected that this tune list will be expanded as the tapes are analyzed by Center director Paul Wells.


Audiovisual materials are filed first by format, then by tape number, in the audiovisual archives.

Related materials:

Audio cassette reference use copies of these tapes are to be filed with commercial audio tapes.