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CENTER FOR POPULAR MUSIC                                     96-009

57th National Folk Festival

6-8 October 1995

Description of the event, photo logs, and copies of the festival schedule follow. Festival schedule is located in the vertical file, festival program is in the secondary serials.

Odell Martin Day

8 June 1996

Description of the event, a copy of the flyer, and photo logs follow. Two print files (negatives and contact sheets comprising 62 images), two sheets of color slides (35 images), and the eleven 5X7 black & white prints are located in the subject iconographic file. The black & white prints are taken from the negatives.

Etta Baker

26 April 1996

Description of the event and photo logs follow. One print file (negatives and contact sheet comprising 31 images) are located in the individual iconographic file under 'B.'