Archives Collection

Scope and Content

This is an open group to which are added audio and video tapes and other materials generated by performances of American vernacular music sponsored or documented by the Center for Popular Music when such performances are not part of a larger Center project (e.g. "Singing in Two Worlds".)

There follows a copy of the flyer or other promotional material and/or a Center-generated audio log for each performance. These descriptive materials are arranged alphabetically by the name of the performer.


Audio and video tapes are filed by tape number with other archival audio visual materials. Accompanying materials (e.g. programs or posters) are filed by accession number with other manuscript collections. Related photographs, if any, are be filed in the Center photograph collection. «PG»


Louisiana Lighting

3 December 1987

Analog audio cassette tape (TCA-0056) and digital audio cassette tape (TCD-0056) of a performance 3 December 1987 at the Keathley University Center, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro TN by vocalist and guitar player Louisiana Lighting backed by Joe Vandyke (keyboard), Terry McMillan (harmonica, tambourine), Jimmy Carter (bass), Steve Nath (drums), Stu Bayshore (steel guitar) and Cliff Parker (lead guitar).«PG»

Stillhouse Reelers

9 April 1987

Digital audio cassette tape (TCD-0043) of a performance by the Stillhouse Reelers, a traditional string band, at a meeting of the Tennessee Archivists held at James Union building, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro TN 9 April 1987. «PG»

Paul Wells/Davy Crockett fiddle and fife tunes

26 June 1988

Digital audio tape (TCD-0071) of multiple takes of "Colonel Crockett--A Virginia Reel" (fiddle) and "Go Ahead--A March Dedicated to Col. Crockett" (fife) performed by Paul Wells 26 June 1988.