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VIRGINIA HORNPIPE FIDDLERS                         99-200

Physical Description:

.1 l.f. manuscript item.




This item was purchased by the Center for Popular Music in June 2000 from a private individual through an online auction (E-Bay). The item was originally created by the performing musicians for their own use.

Scope and Content:

A 4" X 6" 31-page booklet documenting the activities, performance materials, general accounting, and vehicle maintenance of the Virginia Hornpipe Fiddlers musical performance group.

Contents of the booklet, handwritten in pencil, include lists of jokes, one-liner quips, and skits; a list of engagements, mid-May through mid-October 1936; a list of engagements, end-April through end-August 1937; list of "open dates" for August through January; a list of tune titles; list of radio stations and years broadcast; list of tips received, end-March 1936 through July 1937; lists of expenses; vehicle mileage account for January 1938; vehicle maintenance, April through January; list of pictures taken; scratched notes on front and back covers; and a receipt for drinks, 1939.

Lists of engagements generally indicate which town the gigs were in, whether they were paid or not, how much, and the total number of performances and income for the season. Towns listed are located in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties of southeastern Pennsylvania.


This item is located among the manuscripts collection and filed by accession number.

Related Materials:

Photograph in iconographic collection GEN-PR-00175 was originally found and purchased, by the dealer, at the same place as the booklet.

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