TOM MORGAN COLLECTION                                                                                     09-015



Morgan, Tom


Type of Material:

Manuscript Materials, Photographs, Performance Documents, Artifact


Physical Description:

12 boxes, including contact lists, performance flyers and resources, sheet music, newspaper clippings, Tom Morgan’s career and performance documents, oversized articles, artifacts, photographs, contracts, and correspondence.



circa 1970-2010


Abstract (Descriptive Summary):

This is a collection of mostly papers and photographs related to Tom Morgan and his career. It also includes resources about renowned country and bluegrass artists whom Tom Morgan worked with and knew.



The collection is open for research use. All materials in this collection are subject to standard national and international copyright laws. Center staff are able to assist with copyright questions for this material.        


Provenance and Acquisition Information:

Tom Morgan, local bluegrass musician and luthier, gave the material in this collection to the Center for Popular Music in multiple installments, beginning in 2009. Accession numbers for Mr. Morgan’s collection include: 09-015, 12-018, 14-031, 14-035, 14-049, 14-066, 15-001, 15-011, 15-039, and 15-040.


Subjects/Index Terms:

Fiddling--Southern States

Old-time music

Old-time music—Tennessee

Fiddler's Convention






Folklife Festival – Smithsonian

Chattanooga Audubon Society

Chattanooga Historical Society

Chattanooga (Tenn.)



Country and western music



Bluegrass unlimited--Indexes.

Tennessee Banjo Institute


Agency History/Biographical Sketch:

Pioneer bluegrass musician, luthier, and educator, Tom Morgan, was born in Morgan Springs, Tennessee on April 19, 1932. He became interested in country music early in life and was deeply influenced by family members, as well as by musical friends and neighbors, such as banjo player Ed Cullis. Throughout his childhood, Morgan continued his efforts to play and sing while he absorbed country music and bluegrass through the many radio shows that appeared on stations such as WDOD, WDXB, and the well-known Grand Ole Opry on WSM.

In 1950, Morgan enrolled at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. While in that city, he began learning to play the upright bass and guitar, crossing paths with many veteran country musicians and radio personalities such as Lowell Blanchard and Cas Walker. Following his university studies, Tom enlisted in the Air Force. After brief postings in Texas and New York, he was assigned to duty in Washington D.C., which was, at that time, a major hub of activity in the bluegrass music scene.

Mr. Morgan became an important figure in the Washington D.C. bluegrass community during the peak of its creative contributions to that style. While based in the D.C. area, Tom performed with bluegrass legends Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, The Country Gentlemen, Red Allen & Frank Wakefield, Bernarr “Buzz” Busby, Bill Harrell, Mike Seeger, Hazel Dickens, and Alice Gerrard. He worked with and inspired other now-legendary musicians such as David Grisman, Bill Keith, and the Seldom Scene. During this time, Tom began to “build, repair or embellish” the guitars, mandolins, and banjos that were favored by bluegrass musicians. He was a significant early practitioner of this art and trade, now an important part of bluegrass culture.

Morgan left the Washington D.C. area when he retired from the Air Force in 1972 and returned to Tennessee where he settled down on family land in Morgan Springs. Back in Tennessee, he continued his work as a luthier and continued to perform in a family bluegrass band that included his beloved wife, Mary (d. 1993) and their two sons. In 1977, Tom added legendary fiddler, Curly Fox, to his band. This allowed Fox to keep his performance career alive for a significant period. During this productive time, Tom and his family recorded LPs for the Davis Unlimited and Folkways labels and organized the Chattanooga Area Friends of Folk Music.

As of 2016, Tom is still an active booster for traditional music and arts in Tennessee. He and his current musical partner, Lynne Haas, work as educators and performers to share their love and knowledge about traditional music with listeners of all ages at countless shows throughout the state. In 2015, the Center for Popular Music reissued the album, Music from Morgan Springs, on their Spring Fed Records label.


Scope and Content:

This collection contains contact lists, photographs, information related to Tom Morgan’s career and personal folders, correspondence, a railroad spike, folders (in alphabetical order by last name) with materials related to renowned bluegrass and country artists and bands, performance flyers, festival and fair programs, contracts, information on workshops, and subject folders. Dates range between the late 1970s and early 2010s.


The collection includes sound recordings, videos, serials, performance documents, photographs, books, and trade catalogs that have been removed from the Manuscript Collection and cataloged separately.


This collection also contains 472 digital files of scanned materials, including scanned photographs from Tom Morgan’s personal scrapbooks.


Collection Contents (Folder/Box List):

Box #  Folder #                                                                       Description

Box 1: Tom Morgan                                     Career: business and performance contracts, contacts, correspondences, awards                   

            Folder 1                                               Tom Morgan – photos                        

            Folder 2                                               Tom Morgan career

            Folder 3                                               Reviews of “Red Allen & Frank Wakefield: The       WDON Recordings 1963”

            Folder 4                                               Tom Morgan – performance

            Folder 5                                               Hillbrook Recreation Bluegrass Reunion

           Folder 6                                               Tusculum College Old Oak – Contract and                           performances

           Folder 7                                               Ozark Center performances

           Folder 8                                               Contracts

           Folder 9                                               Morgan Company

           Folder 10                                             Tom Morgan – Luthier

           Folder 11                                             Charity

           Folder 12                                             Tennessee Committee for the Humanities

Folder 13                                             Tributes and Awards

Folder 14                                             Folklife Heritage Award Nominee

Folder 15                                             Order of Kentucky Colonels

Folder 16                                             Correspondence

Folder 17                                             Correspondence – European clients

Folder 18                                             Contacts


Box 2: Tom Morgan                                     Personal Files/Family & Friends

            Folder 1                                               Personal: Silhouette, Newspaper clippings

            Folder 2                                               Biographies, Family histories

            Folder 3                                               Scott Morgan

            Folder 4                                               Bill Foshag


Box 3: Subjects (Alphabetically)                  Variety of subjects including guitar, mandolin, song             history

            Folder 1                                               Appalachia

            Folder 2                                               Banjo

            Folder 3                                               Banjos in Japan (1/2)

            Folder 4                                               Banjos in Japan (2/2)

            Folder 5                                               Bluegrass music: definition, etc.

            Folder 6                                               Chattanooga, Tennessee

            Folder 7                                               Country music: definition, etc.

            Folder 8                                               Folklorists

            Folder 9                                               Guitars

            Folder 10                                             Historic Rugby

            Folder 11                                             Luthier

            Folder 12                                             Sacred Harp

            Folder 13                                             Scopes Trial history

            Folder 14                                             Shape Note Singing

            Folder 15                                             Sheet music: instrumental/vocal parts


Box 4: Subjects (Alphabetically)

            Folder 1                                               Song history

            Folder 2                                               Miscellaneous: photocopied images

            Folder 3                                               Miscellaneous papers 


Box 5: Fairs, Festivals, Reunions                 Fairs, Festivals, Tennessee Homecoming

            Folder 1                                               Appalachian Christmas

            Folder 2                                               Appalachian River Reunion

            Folder 3                                               Audubon Fiddle Festival

            Folder 4                                               Bear on the Square Mountain Festival

            Folder 5                                               Bluegrass Festivals (assorted)

            Folder 6                                               Bluegrass Strawberry Festival

            Folder 7                                               Cave Spring Arts Festival

            Folder 8                                               Cherokee Indian Heritage & Sandhill Crane Viewing Days

            Folder 9                                               Coke Ovens Bluegrass Festival

            Folder 10                                             Coker Country Fair

            Folder 11                                             Color Cruise Festival

            Folder 12                                             Expo 1982: World’s Fair Folklife Festival    

            Folder 13                                             Fall Arts & Crafts Festival: Ersie’s Needle &            Thread

            Folder 14                                             Fan Fair Family Reunion


Box 6: Fairs, Festivals, Reunions    

            Folder 1                                               Grand Master’s Fiddle Contest

            Folder 2                                               Jubilee Festival

            Folder 3                                               Lookout Valley Folk Festival

            Folder 4                                               Mountain Makins’ Festival

            Folder 5                                               Morgan Springs Homecoming 1987

            Folder 6                                               National Folk Festival, Chattanooga, TN

            Folder 7                                               National Folk Festival/NCTA

            Folder 8                                               Newport Folk Festival

            Folder 9                                               Ochlockonee River Bluegrass and Folk Music           Festival

            Folder 10                                             Old Time Music Day: Hendersonville Arts Council

            Folder 11                                             Opryland Crafts – Country America Lifestyles         Festival

            Folder 12                                             Pickin’ Waterloo Bluegrass Festival

            Folder 13                                             Riverbend Festival

            Folder 14                                             Scopes Trial Festival & Plays

            Folder 15                                             Slagle’s Pasture Bluegrass Festival

            Folder 16                                             Smithsonian Institution Folklife Festival

            Folder 17                                             Soil Conservation Awards Banquet

            Folder 18                                             Southern Folk Festival

            Folder 19                                             Stones River Crafts Fair

            Folder 20                                             Tennessee Banjo Institute

            Folder 21                                             Tennessee Homecoming

            Folder 22                                             “Tennessee Valley Adventures,” Barges & 50th         Anniversary Celebration

            Folder 23                                             TN Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention

            Folder 24                                             Three Rivers Art Festival

            Folder 25                                             Uncle Dave Macon Days

            Folder 26                                             Festivals & Fairs (miscellaneous)


Box 7: Organizations (Alphabetically)        Organizations Tom was involved in, had interest in, or performed for

            Folder 1                                               Allied Arts of Chattanooga

            Folder 2                                               American Diabetes Association

            Folder 3                                               The American Woodworker

            Folder 4                                               Audubon Society

            Folder 5                                               Aunt Lou’s Family Restaurant

            Folder 6                                               Berea College

            Folder 7                                               Bill Wills Arts Council

            Folder 8                                               Bluegrass Unlimited

            Folder 9                                               Center for Southern Folklore

            Folder 10                                             Center for Traditional Music

            Folder 11                                             Chattanooga Area Friends of Folk Music (CAFFM)

            Folder 12                                             Chattanooga Downtown Partnership

            Folder 13                                             Chattanooga Recreation Center

            Folder 14                                             Chattanooga Regional History Museum

            Folder 15                                             Chattanooga Visitors Center

            Folder 16                                             Chickamauga Battlefield Friends of the Park

            Folder 17                                             Copper Creek Records

            Folder 18                                             Cumberland County Playhouse

            Folder 19                                             Cumberland Trails Project

            Folder 20                                             Design for Arts in Education

            Folder 21                                             Dixie Frets

            Folder 22                                             Dollywood

            Folder 23                                             Elf Records

            Folder 24                                             Folklife Center of the Smokies

Folder 25                                             Folk School of Chattanooga

Folder 26                                             Folkways Album

Folder 27                                             Folkways Center of the Georgia Mountains

Folder 28                                             Ganns Middle Valley Elementary School

Folder 29                                             Gibson Banjo

Folder 30                                             Grand Ole Opry

Folder 31                                             Holly Theater

Folder 32                                             Hunter Museum of Art

Folder 33                                             International Bluegrass Music Association

Folder 34                                             International Bluegrass Music Museum

Folder 35                                             Jack Wingate’s Fishing Lodge

Folder 36                                             John C. Campbell Folk School

Folder 37                                             John Edwards Memorial Foundation

Folder 38                                             Kiuka Kountry Music & Krafts Fair

Folder 39                                             Library of Congress: Archive of Folk Songs

Folder 40                                             Midday Merry Go Round Reunion

Folder 41                                             Mountain Music Shows

Folder 42                                             Mountain Opry

Folder 43                                             Museum of the Appalachia

Folder 44                                             Old Time Music and Dance Foundation

Folder 45                                             The Original Old Time Music Show

Folder 46                                             Real People’s Music

Folder 47                                             Rebel Recording Company

Folder 48                                             Renfro Valley, Kentucky

Folder 49                                             Rhea Arts Council

Folder 50                                             Roadside Theater

Folder 51                                             Shuptrine, Hubert

Folder 52                                             Sierra/Briar Records

Folder 53                                             Smithsonian Folkways

Folder 54                                             Southeast Institute for Education in Music (SIEM)

Folder 55                                             SIEM manual information 1

Folder 56                                             SIEM manual information 2

Folder 57                                             SIEM manual information 3

Folder 58                                             SIEM manual information 4

Folder 59                                             SIEM manual information 5

Folder 60                                             SIEM manual information 6

Folder 61                                             SIEM manual information 7

Folder 62                                             SIEM manual information 8

Folder 63                                             SIEM manual information 9

Folder 64                                             SIEM manual information 10

Folder 65                                             SIEM manual information 11

Folder 66                                             SIEM manual information 12

Folder 67                                             SIEM manual information 13“Aesthetics of Art”

Folder 68                                             SIEM manual information 14

Folder 69                                             Southern Folk Cultural Revival Project, Inc.


Box 8: Organizations (Continued)

Folder 1                                               Sonyatone Records

Folder 2                                               The Tennessean, “The People & their Land”

Folder 3                                               Tennessee Artist and Craftsmen Association

Folder 4                                               Tennessee Arts Commission

Folder 5                                               Tennessee Aquarium  

Folder 6                                               Tennessee Folklore Society

Folder 7                                               Tennessee Wesleyan College

Folder 8                                               Tennvale Records

Folder 9                                               United Way – Rhea County

Folder 10                                             The Wiggins Memorial Fund

Folder 11                                             Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts          


Box 9: Musicians & Bands                           Alphabetical listings by last name, first name

            Folder 1                                               Acuff, Roy                             

            Folder 2                                               Adcock, Eddie & Martha

            Folder 3                                               Adkins, Tom

            Folder 4                                               Allen, Harley “Red”

            Folder 5                                               Atkins, Chet

            Folder 6                                               Austin, Judy

            Folder 7                                               Bailes Brothers

            Folder 8                                               Bailey Brothers & the Morgans

            Folder 9                                               Baker, Sandra

            Folder 10                                             Ball, Patrick

            Folder 11                                             Blake, Norman & Nancy

            Folder 12                                             Boosinger, Laura

            Folder 13                                             Bowen, Robin Huw

            Folder 14                                             Brewer, Carl

            Folder 15                                             Bright, Fletcher

            Folder 16                                             Brown, Ed

            Folder 17                                             Bryson, Wally

            Folder 18                                             Burke, Susie

            Folder 19                                             Burns, Jethro

            Folder 20                                             Busby, Buzz

            Folder 21                                             Campbell, Phil

            Folder 22                                             Cantrell, Al & Emily

            Folder 23                                             Carawan, Guy, Candy, & Evan

Folder 24                                             Carmack, Richard

Folder 25                                             Carol, Bonnie

Folder 26                                             Carter, Bill

Folder 27                                             Carter Family

Folder 28                                             Cas Walker Show

Folder 29                                             Case Brothers

Folder 30                                             Champion, Paul

Folder 31                                             Citigo

Folder 32                                             Clements, Vassar

Folder 33                                             Clements, Zeke

Folder 34                                             Clifton, Bill

Folder 35                                             Cline, Charlie “Lonesome Pine Fiddlers”

Folder 36                                             Cluster Pluckers

Folder 37                                             Coe, Pete

Folder 38                                             Cole, Jack

Folder 39                                             Connally, John

Folder 40                                             Connor, Jim

Folder 41                                             Cooper, Jim

Folder 42                                             Cotten, Libba

Folder 43                                             The Country Gentlemen

Folder 44                                             Cousin Wilbur & Blondie Brooks

Folder 45                                             Critton Hollow

Folder 46                                             Cullis, Ed

Folder 47                                             Culver, Joe

Folder 48                                             Dautry, Jim

Folder 49                                             Davis, Buddy

Folder 50                                             Davis, Stephen

Folder 51                                             Dawson, Zeke

Folder 52                                             Days, Reginald “Reggie”

Folder 53                                             Delmore Brothers

Folder 54                                             Dismembered Tennesseeans

Folder 55                                             Douglas, Bob

Folder 56                                             Dow, Nick

Folder 57                                             Duer, Shirley

Folder 58                                             Dula, Tom

Folder 59                                             Dunton Sisters

Folder 60                                             Emerson, Bill & Kelly

Folder 61                                             Erbsen, Wayne

Folder 62                                             Espinola, Tom

Folder 63                                             Faircloth, Charles “Peanut”

Folder 64                                             Fiddlers Grove

Folder 65                                             Fink, Cathy

Folder 66                                             Flatt & Scruggs

Folder 67                                             Foote, Tom

Folder 68                                             Foster Family

Folder 69                                             Fox, Curly

Folder 70                                             Foxfire/Eliot Wigginton

Folder 71                                             Franks, Randall

Folder 72                                             Freundlich, Susan – sign language artist

Folder 73                                             Gerrard, Alice & Hazel Dickens

Folder 74                                             Goins, Meredith

Folder 75                                             Grier, Lamar

Folder 76                                             Grisman, David

Folder 77                                             Guthrie, Arlo

Folder 78                                             Haden, Darrell “Singing Professor”

Folder 79                                             Haggard, Merle

Folder 80                                             Hall, Dixie & Tom

Folder 81                                             Hambly, Scott

Folder 82                                             Harmony Sisters

Folder 83                                             Harrell, Bill

Folder 84                                             Hartford, John

Folder 85                                             Heart & Hands

Folder 86                                             Henry, Red & Murphy

Folder 87                                             Hicks, Curtis

Folder 88                                             Holt, David

Folder 89                                             Hoover, Elmer

Folder 90                                             Hunt, Raymond

Folder 91                                             Jones, Tom & Angel Newell

Folder 92                                             Keith, Bill

Folder 93                                             Kling, Marcia

Folder 94                                             Krise, Speedy

Folder 95                                             Lewis Family

Folder 96                                             Longworth, Mike & Paul Hopkins

Folder 97                                             Louvin Brothers

Folder 98                                             Lucas, Randy

Folder 99                                             Lundy, Ted, Bob Paisley & Southern Mt. Boys

Folder 100                                           Maple on the Hill

Folder 101                                           Marc Pruett Band

Folder 102                                           Martin, Jimmy

Folder 103                                           McConnell, Doc

Folder 104                                           McCoury, Del

Folder 105                                           McCutcheon, John

Folder 106                                           McGinley, Danny

Folder 107                                           McNeil, Maddie

Folder 108                                           McReynolds, Jim & Jesse

Folder 109                                           Monroe, Bill

Folder 110                                           O’Connor, Mark

Folder 111                                           O’Day, Molly & Skeets Williamson

Folder 112                                           Osborne Brothers

Folder 113                                           Pickett, Otis

Folder 114                                           Pinion, Thomas “Boxcar”

Folder 115                                           Poole, Charlie

Folder 116                                           Puckett, Riley

Folder 117                                           Rager, Mose & Laverda

Folder 118                                           Ragtime Millionaires – Scott & Mark

Folder 119                                           Ramona Jones & Grandpa

Folder 120                                           Rector, “Red” William

Folder 121                                           Red Clay Ramblers

Folder 122                                           Red River Dave McEnery

            Folder 123                                           Reno, Don and Red Smiley

            Folder 124                                           Rita & Rufus


Box 10 : Musicians & Bands (Continued)

            Folder 1                                               Roberts, Dalton                                  

            Folder 2                                               Rodgers, Jimmie

            Folder 3                                               Rogers, James

             Folder 4                                              Rogers, Sally

              Folder 5                                             Rogers, Will

              Folder 6                                             Rousseau, Bernie

              Folder 7                                             Rucker, Sparky

              Folder 8                                             Russell, Keith

              Folder 9                                             Sarrell, Andrew & Don

              Folder 10                                           Sawtooth Mountain Boys

              Folder 11                                           Seeger, Mike, Pete & Peggy

              Folder 12                                           Shelton, Allen

Folder 13                                           Siminoff, Roger

Folder 14                                           Skaggs, Ricky

Folder 15                                           Smith, Betty

Folder 16                                           Smith, Kennett

Folder 17                                           Sparks, Larry “Lonesome Ramblers”

Folder 18                                           Spring, Sally

Folder 19                                           Stanley Brothers

Folder 20                                           Star, Orrin

Folder 21                                           Stonemans

Folder 22                                           Story, Carl

              Folder 23                                           Striker, Arthur “Art”

              Folder 24                                           Sturgills

              Folder 25                                           Tack, Bob & Mary

              Folder 26                                           Joe Taylor Family (Taylor, Joe)

              Folder 27                                           Thomas, Tommy & Bonnie Jean

              Folder 28                                           Thompson, Luke

              Folder 29                                           Tillman, Max

              Folder 30                                           Tottle, Jack

              Folder 31                                           Turner, Grant

              Folder 32                                           “Utah” Phillips

              Folder 33                                           Van Der Puy, Mark

              Folder 34                                           Vernon, Bill

              Folder 35                                           Wakefield, Frank

              Folder 36                                           Watson, Arthel “Doc”

              Folder 37                                           Wernick, Peter

              Folder 38                                           West, Harry & Jeanie

              Folder 39                                           White, Clarence

              Folder 40                                           Williams, Benny

              Folder 41                                           Williams, Doc & Chickie

              Folder 42                                           Wills, Bob                  

              Folder 43                                           Wiseman, Mac

              Folder 44                                           Witt, Elise

              Folder 45                                           Wolfe, Charles

              Folder 46                                           York, Alvin C.

              Folder 47                                           Miscellaneous artists/groups


Box 11: Oversized                                         Oversized manuscripts containing performers, subjects, newspapers, etc. 


Box 12: Artifacts                                           Railroad spike from near the Carter Family home

                                                                        Buddy Davis’ pair of glasses


Materials Cataloged Separately:

Per Center policy, certain formats are filed and cataloged separately for accessibility. Examples of these materials from this collection include sound recordings, videos, serials, performance documents, photographs, trade catalogs, and books.  [For a complete list of separated materials, please contact the archivist at]



Unless otherwise noted in the folder and box list, the arrangement scheme for the collection was imposed during processing in the absence of a usable original order. Digital files are located on the CPM server, organized by accession number.



These materials are located among the manuscripts arranged in twelve boxes by accession number. Folders are listed alphabetically and by subject.


Related Materials:

Other related materials in the CPM collection include the Bill Harrison Collection, Lance LeRoy Collection, a collection of videos and photographs related to Bill Monroe, Tennessee Banjo Institute Collection, Tennessee Banjo Institute Records and photographs, TN Valley Old Time Fiddlers Competition, Tennessee Old Time Fiddlers Convention, and Uncle Dave Macon Days collections.


Processed by Emily Boersma, March 2016.

Updated by Emily Boersma, November 2016.