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DOUG SEROFF FILM COLLECTION                                                                  95-055


Physical Description:

5 reels of black and white 16mm film






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This collection was donated to the Center May 28, 1996 by Doug Seroff of Greenbrier, Tennessee.


Agency History/biographical sketch:

Doug Seroff is an independent scholar and dealer living in Greenbrier, Tennessee. He has written numerous books and articles on ragtime music, black-gospel music, blackface minstrelsy, and other topics pertaining to the history of popular music. His publications include Ragged but Right: Black Traveling Shows, “Coon Songs," and The Dark Pathway to Blues and Jazz and Out of Sight: The Rise of African American Popular Music, 1889-1895.


Scope and content:

This collection contains five audio - visual film reels collected by Doug Seroff in the course of his popular music research. Four of the reels are short productions of performers, such as Lionel Hampton, Toni Arden, Jan Arden, Mel Boare, the Four King Sisters, Pat Morrison, and the Starliters. The Newport Jazz Festival film is a thirty minute live production of the 1962 festival. Performers include Pee Wee Russell, Ruby Braff, Duke Ellington Orchestra, Johnny Hodges, Oscar Peterson Trio, and the Clara Ward Singers. For more details, including song titles, please see viewer log sheets.



The film reels are located in metal cabinets in the collections storage area with identifying labels on the cabinet door adjacent to the Korine-Dunlap Collection.


Folder/box list:


Box #  Folder #          Description

Box 1                          16mm film, Lionel Hampton – “Love You Like Mad,” Snyder Telescriptions, 1951.


16mm Film/TV,  Nine Telescriptions of Toni Arden, Jan Arden, Studio Films, Inc., c. 1952.


                                    16mm Film/TV, Toni and Jan Arden, Studio Films, Inc., 1951-1952.


16mm Film/TV, Hollywood Spot-lighted Revue, Snyder Telescriptions,

c. 1950.


16mm Film/TV, Live Jazz Concert - Newport Jazz Festival, 1962.



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