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SATHERLEY, ARTHUR                         94-065

LOGS (Copy)

Physical description:

.4 l.f. (4 folders)




This material was lent for copying by Dr. Charles Wolfe who received it from Hugh Cherry who got it from Satherley. Cherry has made copies for other archival repositories.

Biographical sketch:

Arthur E. Satherley's title with Columbia Records was vice-president for country, dance and folk music and he had offices in New York city, Chicago, Los Angeles and Bridgeport CT. Satherley actually functioned as artist and repertoire man and dealt not only with what he called "hill billy" artists but also with blues and black gospel performers.

Scope and content:

These extensive logs begin with an undated list of artists with whom he worked and their addresses however this list represents only a fraction of those artists included in the logs which follow. There follows a key to artists given and performing names.

The bulk of the manuscript consists of typed log sheets for each performer which list the release or matrix number, song title, type of performance and date of recording by date of the recording session. Other logs, which occur less frequently, consist of a printed form which shows the contract terms including payment schedule, song publisher and releases and re-release dates as well as the information included in the typed logs.

The log sheets are in alphabetical order by performer as filed by Satherley and some anomalies exist. For example, performers may be filed by pseudonym and some blues artists are filed under Lester Melrose. There are also a number of sheets at the end of the manuscript which are in no apparent order.


This group is filed by accession number with other textual manuscript groups.


January 9, 2001