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LETHAM, DANIEL                                 92-081

Physical description:

1 volume.




This volume was purchased from J & J Lubrano, Great Barrington MA, spring 1993.


A photocopy of this volume is available for general use. The original may be used only with the permission of the Center director.

Biographical sketch:

The front paste down end paper has "Nauvoo [Illinois] October 2 1843" pencilled in a childish hand and is signed in ink "Daniel Letham, Salt Lake City [Utah]".

Scope and content:

Bound in half-calf with decorative stamping, this volume contains 50ff., with 12 hand-ruled staves per page with a total of approximately 90 pp. of music, apparently notated by a single fluent hand throughout. Occasional fingering makes it clear that the music was intended to be played on a violin.

The first 16 pages of music clearly represent the violin part for some kind of theatrical performance; they include tempo indications in Italian and cues to the stage action and several snippets of text. These performance indications as well as the accomplished notation would indicate that the compiler of this volume was a professional musician.

The remainder of the manuscript consists of tunes apparently intended for dancing: strathspeys, reels, waltzes, polkas, schottisches, hornpipes, quadrilles, jigs, country dances and marches; many have Scots or Irish titles, and one is attributed to Neil Gow. Several, presumably later, additions include "Dixie" and the only other tune for which a composer is named: "Salt Lake Lancers by M. Olson".

-- taken from the description by John Lubrano


This volume is filed by accession number with other manuscript music.

Related materials:

A use photocopy of this volume is filed with the volume.