LANCE LEROY COLLECTION                                                              14-008



LeRoy, Lance [Lansing B. LeRoy, Jr.], b. May 26, 1930- December 17, 2015


Type of Material:

Manuscript materials, performance documents, iconographic items, sound recordings, correspondence, and reproductions of various materials.


Physical Description:

12.5 linear feet of manuscript material, including 152 reel-to-reel tapes and 36 video materials






All materials in this collection are subject to standard national and international copyright laws. Center staff are able to assist with copyright questions for this material.  Manuscript Box 13 is restricted for open use to ensure privacy of personal information.   These material may be made available at the archivists’ discretion and with prior arrangements.


Provenance and Acquisition Information:

This collection was donated to the Center by Lanny LeRoy, son of Lance LeRoy.  Center for Popular Music Director Greg Reish picked up the collection from the home of Mr. LeRoy in Hendersonville, TN and transported it to the Center on July 23, 2014.



The original arrangement scheme for the collection was maintained during processing. The exception to this arrangement was the audio/visual materials, which in the absence of any original order, are organized by format; larger photograph files in the manuscript collection were moved to one box for preservation and storage purposes. Digital media that were located on discs in the collection are now stored on the CPM server.  Please contact center staff for access to these items.


Subject/Index Terms:

LeRoy, Lance

International Bluegrass Music Association

Flatt, Lester

The Bluegrass Cardinals

Bluegrass Music

Concert agents



Agency History/Biographical Sketch:

Lance LeRoy, from northern Georgia, was an artist manager and agent who started the Lancer Agency. Through his company, he most notably represented Lester Flatt & The Nashville Grass from 1969 to 1979, followed by the group The Bluegrass Cardinals.  Mr. LeRoy produced photographs and articles for bluegrass trade magazines including Bluegrass Unlimited.  His photographs were used as publicity photographs for many of the artists he represented.  He often wrote liner notes for their albums.  LeRoy brought many industry leaders together and led various meetings that would develop into the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) in 1985.  Mr. LeRoy received the IBMA Award of Merit (Distinguished Achievement Award) in 1994 and was inducted into The International Bluegrass Hall of Fame in 2000.


Scope and Content:

This collection consists of materials collected and used by artist manager Lance LeRoy and his agency company the Lancer Agency.  The manuscript papers consist of handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, articles from magazines, correspondence, photographs, performance documents, various industry contracts, forms, and accounting records. Also included are reel to reel tapes of performances.


Collection Contents (Folder/Box List):

All folder labels are original to Lance LeRoy. 13 boxes total.


Box #  Folder #          Description

Box 1              Manuscripts - IBMA

Folder 1         IBMA Exhibit Booth File

Folder 2         IBMA List of Associations

Folder 3         IBMA Committee; Balloting

Folder 4         IBMA Award recipients file

Folder 5         IBMA Award of Merit committee

Folder 6         IBMA Hotel Reservations

Folder 7         IBMA Award Show File

Folder 8         IBMA Board of Directors Nominating Committee

Folder 9         IBMA General File 1/1/91

Folder 10       IBMA Convention File 1/1/91

Folder 11       IBMA Hall of Honor nominating committee File

Folder 12       IBMA Nominating committee File #2

Folder 13       IBMA Convention Directory advertising

Folder 14       IBMA Hall of Honor File

Folder 15       IBMA Hall of Honor 1998 Career Profiles

Folder 16       IBMA Fan Fest File

Folder 17       IBMA Showcase File

Folder 18       IBMA Bluegrass Museum File

Folder 19       IBMA Trust Fund File

Folder 20       IBMA Hall of Honor Plaques (copes, etc.)

Folder 21       IBMA future Nashville convention dates

Folder 22       IBMA 2000 Hall of Honor Plaques

Folder 23       IBMA 2000 Career Profiles (edits)

Folder 24       IBMA Hall of Honor Profiles 2002 forward

Folder 25       IBMA Hall of Honor – copies of ballots

Folder 26       IBMA career profiles 2009 forward

Folder 27       IBMA Career Profiles 2004

Folder 28       IBMA 2006

Folder 29       IBMA Hall of Honor Criteria & Inductees


Box 2              Manuscripts – Contracts (1969-1987)

Folder 1         Allied Entertainers, Inc. pending contracts

Folder 2         Contracts 1969 & 1970

Folder 3         Contracts 1969 & 1970

Folder 4         Lester Flatt Show Contract file 1971

Folder 5         1972 contract file

Folder 6         Contract copies 1973

Folder 7         Contract copies 1974

Folder 8         Contracts file copies 1979

Folder 9         Contracts – file copies 1980

Folder 10       Contracts – Artists copies 1981

Folder 11       Contracts file copies 1981

Folder 12       Contracts – Artists copies 1982

Folder 13       Contracts file copies 1982

Folder 14       Contracts – Artists copies 1983

Folder 15       Contracts – file copies 1983

Folder 16       Contracts file copies 1984

Folder 17       Contracts Union copies

Folder 18       Contracts file copies 1985

Folder 19       Contracts 1986

Folder 20       Contracts 1987


Box 3              Manuscripts Contracts (1987-2005)

Folder 1         Contracts 1987

Folder 2         Contracts 1988

Folder 3         Contracts 1990

Folder 4         Contracts 1996

Folder 5         Contracts 1997

Folder 6         Contracts 1998

Folder 7         Contracts – 1999

Folder 8         Contracts – 2000

Folder 9         Contracts – 2001

Folder 10       Contracts – 2002

Folder 11       Contracts – 2003

Folder 12       Contracts – 2004

Folder 13       Contracts – 2005


Box 4              Manuscripts Contracts (2006-2013)

Folder 1         Contracts – 2006

Folder 2         Contracts – 2007

Folder 3         Contracts – 2008

Folder 4         Contracts – 2009

Folder 5         Contracts – 2010

Folder 6         Contracts – 2011

Folder 7         Contracts – 2012

Folder 8         Contracts – 2013


Box 5              Manuscripts

Folder 1         Nashville Branch, Inc.

Folder 2         Handbills from other festivals

Folder 3         Performance contract file copies (basic recent form)

Folder 4         Lancer Agency obsolete professional photos and promo pieces (PHOTOS)

Folder 5         Insurance Policies (recent 99-09 LeRoy personal)

Folder 6         Nashville – Bluegrass Music Assoc. meeting, etc.

Folder 7         Parkers Lake, KY festival

Folder 8         Pitney Bowes File

Folder 9         US Postal service bulk mailing permits, etc.

Folder 10       Songs. (manuscript lyric/types/edited)

Folder 11       South central bell Tel.

Folder 12       Carl Story

Folder 13       Marty Stuart (unopened vision PHOTO labs)

Folder 14       Bill Grant & Delia Bell (Promo PHOTOS)

Folder 15       Lewis Family File (PR pieces; vision PHOTOS; notes)

Folder 16       Telegram copies

Folder 17       Time Life Books; Inc.

Folder 18       Union contracts not sent

Folder 19       Overseas tours (schedules, postcards, passports) (Netherlands/Germany)

Folder 20       Japan Tour March-April 1977 Osborne Brothers

Folder 21       ABC Pictures (advertisements)

Folder 22       Barry Berrier PHOTO file (8x10s)

Folder 23       Barry Berrier publicity file

Folder 24       CMH Records Royalty Summary (early 2000s)

Folder 25       Bluegrass Unlimited correspondence

Folder 26       Bluegrass Bulletin extra copies

Folder 27       Bluegrass Bulletin master copies

Folder 28       Bluegrass Now General folder

Folder 29       Bluegrass Now raw interviews

Folder 30       Federal tax ID number

Folder 31       Flatt & Scruggs 45 rpm singles (list)

Folder 32       Francotyp Postalia [postage machine]

Folder 33       Gibson Guitar CO (festival info)

Folder 34       Tim Graves & Cherokee

Folder 35       Stephen Helton & Flint River Boys general file

Folder 36       Stephen Helton & Flint River Boys photo file (PR PHOTOS)

Folder 37       Stephen Helton & Flint River Boys publicity File

Folder 38       Broadcast Music Inc. writers clearance form

Folder 39       Correspondence – copies (1990s-00s)

Folder 40       Directions to dates

Folder 41       Disc collectors publications

Folder 42       Dish Network (service contract)

Folder 43       Raymond Fairchild & Crowe Brothers (PR PHOTOS)

Folder 44       Fax Cover sheet – master copy

Folder 45       Linda Lay & Appalachian grass PHOTO file

Folder 46       International Bluegrass/IBMA newsletters

Folder 47       Lewis family general file

Folder 48       Lilly Brothers – general file

Folder 49       Liner notes for albums copies

Folder 50       Logos – master copies (GOO; LeRoy; Pine Castle, etc.)

Folder 51       Longview general file (PR PHOTOS)

Folder 52       Jimmy Martin – file (Memorial service; SLIDES, contracts, etc.)

Folder 53       Star photo Co.


Box 6              Manuscripts

Folder 1         Check copies Jan-June 1974 Lester Flatt Show

Folder 2         Check copies March – May 1979 Lester Flatt Show

Folder 3         Bluegrass Unlimited – general file

Folder 4         Bluegrass Unlimited – raw interview texts

Folder 5         Bluegrass Unlimited – completed story texts

Folder 6         Bluegrass Unlimited – story text in progress

Folder 7         Mark Newton Band – general file

Folder 8         Osborne, Bobby general file

Folder 9         CMH Records

Folder 10       Calendars

Folder 11       Canadian Tax Exemption: Forms (also any border-crossing, etc.)

Folder 12       Christmas card list

Folder 13       Various Whos playing where newsletters

Folder 14       Newspaper clippings (org & Xerox)

Folder 15       Nashville Talent services, Inc. – Lester Flatt Photographs file copies

Folder 16       Jimmy C. Newman PHOTO file (Negatives, slides, prints)

Folder 17       Jimmy C. Newman Publicity file (PHOTOS)

Folder 18       Record Companies – names and addresses

Folder 19       Ryman slides; old crowd, Sally mtn show @ SPBGMA etc.

Folder 20       Tribune showprint Inc. – blank order forms


Box 7                                      Manuscripts

Folder 1         Bluegrass Unlimited “notes & queries” columns

Folder 2         Booking agency License & agreements

Folder 3         Unlabeled (negative ID tags)

Folder 4         Broadcast Music, Inc. – publisher clearance forms (blanks)

Folder 5         Broadcast Music, Inc. – Writers affiliation agreements (late 1970s-80s)

Folder 6         Canadian forms & Info

Folder 7         Big Country Music copyright forms

Folder 8         Big Country Enterprise blank forms

Folder 9         Albums in progress

Folder 10       The Bluegrass Cardinals general file

Folder 11       The Bluegrass Cardinals general file (clippings. Correspondence)

Folder 12       Big Country Enterprise Royalty Income & payments (mid 1970s)

Folder 13       Southern/CBS/Big Country Royalty info (1980s)

Folder 14       CMH Records – Artists & Producers contracts

Folder 15       Cathedral caverns festival

Folder 16       Chillicothe, Illinois Festival File

Folder 17       Christmas mailing lists

Folder 18       Jim Clark

Folder 19       Club lists

Folder 20       Code-A-Phone instructions

Folder 21       College lists

Folder 22       College tour working papers

Folder 23       File PHOTOS & NEGATIVES Harold Morrison & Smoking Bluegrass

Folder 24       Charlie McCoy – file

Folder 25       MCI

Folder 26       Lonzo & Oscar file

Folder 27       Nashville Talent Service, Inc. Lester Flatt 1976 contracts

Folder 28       Music vault publishing royalty statements (late 70s – early 80s)

Folder 29       Nashville Bluegrass Association

Folder 30       Mike Snider Trio general file

Folder 31       Mike Snider PHOTO file

Folder 32       The Lester Flatt Show monthly Billing

Folder 33       Postage machine file

Folder 34       Printing master copes

Folder 35       Problem file

Folder 36       Promoters list corrected

Folder 37       Recipes

Folder 38       Record auction bids pending


Box 8              Manuscripts

Folder 1         Parmley, David & Rhonda Vincent correspondence re country demos

Folder 2         The Larry Stephenson Band

Folder 3         Tennessee gentleman

Folder 4         Thacker, George photo file

Folder 5         Thacker, George publicity file

Folder 6         Tri-State Bluegrass Association advertising

Folder 7         Garry Thurmond, Steve Helton & Flint River Boys IBMA Showcase File

Folder 8         Travelers, The PHOTO file

Folder 9         US Pest Protection Inc.

Folder 10       Staley, Wade

Folder 11       Ralph Stanley

Folder 12       Starday Records – Master list of numbers and titles

Folder 13       State Hall Income tax forms

Folder 14       State Income tax forms

Folder 15       Sullivan Family

Folder 16       Sullivan Family #2

Folder 17       Texas Tunes

Folder 18       Larry Sparks

Folder 19       Spicher, Buddy file

Folder 20       Lynn Morris

Folder 21       Martin, Jimmy Bluegrass Unlimited interview material 9/95

Folder 22       Monroe, James File

Folder 23       Bill Monroe Bluegrass hall of fame

Folder 24       Recording discography

Folder 25       Union claims pending

Folder 26       Various Bluegrass Bands’ BIOs

Folder 27       Video cassette warranty; instructions

Folder 28       The Village Singers publicity file

Folder 29       The Village Singers general file

Folder 30       Want list – LPs

Folder 31       Paul Williams general file

Folder 32       Barry Willis – file

Folder 33       Wise, Chubby file

Folder 34       Norman Wrights & Kevin Church

Folder 35       Thacker, George general file

Folder 36       Gary Brewer general file

Folder 37       Gary Brewer publicity

Folder 38       Dave Freeman auctions

Folder 39       Collett, Jim Gifford Hollow Promotions

Folder 40       Broadcast Music Inc. publisher affiliation agreements

Folder 41       Big Country Music copies of correspondence (contains manuscript music)

Folder 42       Buddy Durham

Folder 43       Willma Lee Cooper – file

Folder 44       Glibertsville Kentucky Fest

Folder 45       Big Timer Bluegrass

Folder 46       Allnet

Folder 47       Country Gazette

Folder 48       Country Music Association – Radio Station list

Folder 49       Deposit records on dates

Folder 50       bluegrass unlimited advertising file

Folder 51       CMH Records Price lists, contracts etc

Folder 52       Correspondence - copies

Folder 53       Correspondence - copies

Folder 54       Correspondence - copies


Box 9              Manuscripts – Lester Flatt tax and bank files

Folder 1         Income tax filings 1968 Lester Flatt

Folder 2         Income tax filings 1967 Lester Flatt

Folder 3         Income tax filings 1966 Lester Flatt

Folder 4         Income tax filings Flatt & Messenger (1968)

Folder 5         Income tax filings Flatt & Scruggs

Folder 6         Lester Flatt’s Bluegrass Park Bank Statements, checks

Folder 7         Lester Flatt’s Bluegrass Park N.C. Employment Sec Reports

Folder 8         Lester Flatt’s Bluegrass Park Federal Tax Deposits

Folder 9         Lester Flatt’s Bluegrass Park North Carolina tax deposits

Folder 10       The Lester Flatt Show State Quarterly Contrib. report

Folder 11       Income Tax Filing 1978 Lester Flatt

Folder 12       Income Tax Filing 1977 Lester Flatt

Folder 13       Income Tax Filing 1976

Folder 14       Income Tax Filing 1975

Folder 15       Income Tax Filing 1974

Folder 16       Lester Flatt Show 1974 Income & Expense file

Folder 17       Unlabeled Cattle investment paperwork

Folder 18       Omega Ranches Inc. Charlie Brindell

Folder 19       Contracts 1989

Folder 20       Income tax filings 1973 Lester Flatt

Folder 21       Income tax filings 1972

Folder 22       Income tax filings 1971

Folder 23       Income tax filings 1970

Folder 24       Income tax filings 1969

Folder 25       Coors lawsuit file

Folder 26       Typewriter warranty

Folder 27       Lester Flatt important papers (court docs, bank statements etc.)

Folder 28       Lester Flatt Federal tax deposits

Folder 29       Lester Flatt insurance information

Folder 30       Lester Flatt insurance policies

Folder 31       Martha White 5lb cornmeal coupon

Folder 32       Martha White 5lb flour coupon


Box 10            Manuscripts

Folder 1         Flatt, Lester Estate File # 1

Folder 2         Flatt, Lester Estate File # 2

Folder 3         Flatt, Lester Estate File # 3

Folder 4         PHOTOGRAPHS to keeps – various artists

Folder 5         J. B. LeRoy Personal things to keep

Folder 6         Jomeokee campgrounds purchase 11/1974

Folder 7         Newspapers clippings

Folder 8         Newspapers clippings

Folder 9         Royalty statements

Folder 10       Royalty statements

Payroll books


Box 11            Manuscript boxes/check books (1974-1996)

Lester Flatt Show Check copies June 1, 1975 – Dec 31, 1975

Lester Flatt Show Check copies Jan 1, 1976 – June 30, 1976

Check Box Jan 1, 1992 – Dec 31, 1996 Lancer Agency

Check box cancelled checks 8/13/84-12/31/91 Lancer Agency

1975 Earning records

Check book 8/76-7/77 Lester Flatt

Check book 12/74-6/79 Big Country Enterprises

Check book 9/77-6/79 Lancer Agency


Box 12            Photographs/Negatives/Contact Sheets

Dunnellon, Fla Crowd Scene (oversized)

Paul Williams (oversized)

New Coon Creek Girls (oversized)

New Coon Creek Girls (6 folders)

New Coon Creek Girls at Lester Flatt Cabin

New Coon Creek Girls Grassy, MO

New Coon Creek Girls/ Bluegrass Cardinals/Deanie Richardson/Country Gazette

New Coon Creek Girls at Opry

Opryland & Grand Ole Opry New Coon Creek Girls

New Coon Creek Girls/ Bluegrass Cardinals 

New Coon Creek Girls July 1989

New Coon Creek Girls Homestead, FL

New Coon Creek Girls; Nashville Fairgrounds Fan fair

Renfro Valley Barn Dance and Bluegrass Festival – Old Joe Clark & New Coon Creek Girls

Bluegrass Cardinals 1987

Bluegrass Cardinals (4 folders)

Parkers Lake KY - Bluegrass Cardinals

Owensboro, KY - Bluegrass Cardinals

Bluegrass Cardinals on Grand Ole Opry 4/29/89

Bluegrass Cardinals File Photos & Negative File #2

Bluegrass Cardinals/Osborne Brothers/Crowd Scene

Jemison AL – Bluegrass Cardinals & BSTDB

IBMA 1989/ Bluegrass Cardinals on Opry/Monroe & Kendell

Bluegrass Cardinals/Lincolnton City Limits

Lonesome Standard Time (6 folder)

Lonesome Standard Time Jan 1994

Lonesome Standard Time at American Music Shop Taping

Lonesome Standard Time & New Coon Creek Girls

Mineral VA - Lonesome Standard Time/ New Coon Creek Girls

Lonesome Standard Time/Lewis Family

Grand Ole Opry Birthday 1992/ Lonesome Standard Time album release

Johnson Mountain Boys/Squires/ New Coon Creek Girls

Johnson Mountain Boys – Lucketts VA
Johnson Mountain Boys/Bluegrass Cardinals

Dunnellon, FL/Johnson Mountain Boys Single Record & EP

Johnson Mountain Boys

Lewis Family/ New Coon Creek Girls/ Lonesome Standard Time

Lewis Family Record

Lewis Family (2 folders)

Lewis Family Festival

Mike Snider Trio at Grand Ole Opry 6/2/90 (induction)

Mike Snider Cassette

Mike Snider (3 folders)

The Del McCoury Band 1990

Del McCoury Band/Mike Snider Trio

Del McCoury Band/ Mike Snider signing autographs

Del McCoury Band (4 folders)

Opryland – Del McCoury Band

Parmley & McCoury (3 folders)

Jimmy Martin (2 folders)

Jimmy Martin IBMA 95 Osborne Brothers

Old Monroe home place

Hillsdale, NY/Mineral, VA

Crowd Scene Dunnellon, Fla

Homestead, Fla

Chuck Wagon Gang

Studio 19 Pinecastle Nov 1992

Studio 19 Pinecastle Jan 1993

Session at Studio 19

Jekyll Island/Josh at Hilltop/Bluegrass Cardinals and Little Roy

Jekyll Island/Gillis Brothers

Jekyll Island

Chubby Wise & Carlton Haney Players

Tree Setting Scene

Johnny Russell

Lonesome River Band/ Wayne Lewis Band

Lonesome River Band

Gary Brewer Photo File

Gary Brewer Publicity Photos/Garry Thurmond/Norman & Tony

IBMA Convention Louisville, KY/Gary Brewer/ The Village Singers

Village Singers

The Village Singers Photo File

Gary Thurmond, Steve Helton & The River Boys

Glen Duncan, Larry Cordle& Lonesome Standard Time/SPBGMA Awards

Contact Sheet Dunnellon, FL Crowd scene

Virginia Squires – Opryland

Wayne Lewis in The Grand Ole Opry

Buddy Spicher’s Texas Dance Band

Spicher Dance Band

Tenn Hoedown Show

Hall of Honor Plaques – Lilly Bros & Don Stover, Dave Freeman

Daisy Lang

IBMA 2000 plaques/Flint River Boys group photos

Flint River Boys 2001

Lilly Brothers

Cherokee NC Crowd Scene

Culpeper, VA Festival

Traci Todd/Charlie Walker/Monroe/Gillis Bros/Lost & Found

Dunnellon FL/Lincolnton, GA 1996

Canton, TX/Summerville, WV

Monroe, Scruggs at Opry / IBMA plaques

Lebanon TN/Renfro Valley KY Festival

L. Cordle & G. Duncan

Sullivan Family

IBMA Plaques – Stanley Bros, Reno & Smiley, Jim & Jesse, Mac Wiseman

Garry Thurmond, Steve Helton & The Flint River Boys

Gov. Davis & Bill Carlisle – Lincolnton GA Festival

Barry Bevier

IBMA Plaques 1996 inductees

Owensboro, 1996

Bean Blossom IN/ Louisa KY

Myrtle Beach SC

Berea & Renfro Valley LA

Albany OK/Louisville KY

Random Scenes Owensboro, KY

Greeneville, TN


Glenn & Bobby

IBMA Meeting 1990

Big Timber Band

Paul Williams Photo File



Please contact archivist for use of these materials.

Folder 1         Lester Flatt Show Payroll information, w-4s

Folder 2         Bluegrass Unlimited writer agreements

Folder 3         Broadcast Music Inc. Copies of completed writer clearance forms

Folder 4         Insurance policies


Digital Files


            1998 IBMA Hall Of Honor Candidate Profiles_Non-Performers

1998 IBMA Hall Of Honor Candidate Profiles_Non-Performers-2

1998 IBMA Hall Of Honor Candidate Profiles_Performers

2000 IBMA Hall Of Honor Candidate Profiles

2001 IBMA Hall Of Honor Candidate Profiles

2002 IBMA Hall Of Honor Candidate Profiles_Non-Performing

2002 IBMA Hall Of Honor Candidate Profiles_Performing

20000505 IBMA Hall Of Honor Candidate Profiles_Myrt's Copy

Publicity Photos

Bobby Osborne & Rocky Top Express_Lancer Agency

Bobby Osborne Solo_@ Opry House_Opry & Rounder

Bobby Osborne306_Solo with Mandolin_Opry & Rounder

DSCF3199_The Lewis Tradition_2010

Paul Williams with Mandolin_8 X 10_Rebel_20051014

Paul Williams16x20


Materials Cataloged Separately:

Per Center policy, certain formats are cataloged separately for accessibility, including digital materials listed above, video and sound recording materials.  [For a complete list of separated materials, please contact the archivist.]



All manuscript materials are located in the special collections storage area filed by accession number. Audio/visual materials are located in special collections storage area.


Related Materials:

The Center holds other bluegrass related manuscript collections, notably the Doug Seroff Country Music Collection, Tom Morgan Collection (still in process) and the Charlie Walker Collection. Special collection sheet music, performance documents, trade catalogs, photographs, sound recordings, rare books, and reading room materials related to the subjects of bluegrass and country music are also held by the Center and searchable through the CPM website database or MTSU Walker Library catalog.



Processed by Olivia Beaudry, April 2015.