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JIMMY E. RANEY (1927- )


1 video cassette. (VCT-0022)

Interviewer: John R. Duke, professor of music, Middle Tennessee State University.

Jimmy E. Raney, a jazz guitarist, born in Louisville, Kentucky, spent "most of my life" in New York playing with a variety of groups including Stan Getz, 1950-1953, and the Jimmy Lyons Trio, 1954-1960. He has spent the last ten years in Europe. For additional biographical information see Raney entry, p. 392, in Leonard Feather, Encyclopedia of Jazz.

While participating in MTSU's "Swing Into Spring" jazz festival in `1968 Raney met with John R. Duke, professor of music at the university, and jazz educator Jamey Aebersold to discuss the nature of jazz and its creative processes, techniques and methods for developing jazz skills, and influential figures in the evolution of jazz, particularly Charlie Parker. Raney also discusses his own early training with Hayden Causey and his development as a composer and performer during his years of involvement in the New York jazz scene between the late 1940s and the early 1960s.