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HINSON, RAY                                                                                              02-006

            AUDIO TAPE of WEEMS FAMILY BAND                                                                                                          


Physical Description:

            1 reel ¼ inch audio tape (TTA-0234)



            circa 1965



            No commercial use without permission of depositor.



            The Center’s open reel tape was copied from a reel to reel ¼ inch tape owned by Ray Hinson, by Center audio specialist Bruce Nemerov.  Portions of the original tape were possibly a re-recording of an older tape and a re-recording of a 78 rpm audio disc.


Agency History/biographical sketch:

            The original tape was owned by Ray Hinson, stepson of Dick Weems of Perryville, Tennessee. Weems was a member of the Weems Family Band or Weems String Band, which recorded for Columbia Record Company in the 1920s.  Band members on this tape included Dick Weems, fiddle; Frank Weems, fiddle; Ray Hinson, guitar; Dodge Conder, banjo.


Scope and content:

            This tape constitutes a preservation copy of the Weems Family Band home recordings of various vocal and instrumental pieces (please see attached audio log for details).  Two songs were recorded by the Weems String Band on the Columbia label, 78 rpm disc, December 9, 1927 in Memphis, Tennessee.  These songs, “Davy,” and “Greenback Dollar,” are also included on the tape.



            This tape is filed first by media type, then by tape number in the audio visual archives.