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HANEY, C. L. (LES)                                            97-012

Physical Description:

.1 l.f. including
1 audio tape (TTA-0211)
45 photo images (contact sheet frames, negatives, and 20 prints)


January 6, 1948; December 10, 1996


No publication of copy photos or recorded music without permission of C.L. Haney.


A field trip to Morgantown, Kentucky on December 10, 1996 provided the opportunity to photograph Mr. Haney, take photograph copies of his photographs, and borrow his instantaneous disc for preservation copying at the Center.

Biographical Sketch:

Les Haney, was born in Butler County, Kentucky in 1914. His musical career started in 1932 with a spot on radio after winning a contest in Evansville, Indiana. After forming the Tennessee Tomcats, Haney formed (1934) the Musketeers which included young Merle Travis. His talents secured him spots on various radio shows (e.g., WLBJ Bowling Green, KY) and brought him offers with Bill and Charlie Monroe and in New York, but his ultimate career in the aircraft industry and a stable family life anchored him in Nashville and then Butler County. He now paints pictures.

Scope and Content:

One (1) reel-to-reel audio tape transfer (.25 hours) of a 16" audiodisc, recorded probably from WLBJ, Bowling Green, Kentucky, January 6, 1948, documenting a radio show featuring some of his songs and comedy routines.

Of the 45 photo images (on negative and contact sheet), nine (9) are on-site images taken of Mr. Haney talking or playing his guitar. The rest are various copy exposures of eight (8) different photos that Mr. Haney possessed of himself in earlier bands. A couple of these pictures include Merle Travis.


Audio tapes are filed by tape number with other archival audio-visual materials. The photo prints, contact sheets, and negatives are filed in the iconographic files.

Note: The photo negatives and contacts are shared with another site from the same trip. see also the "Martin, Mrs. Ellis Shanklin" collection in the inventory notebooks.

Related Materials:

November, 1995 issue of That Muhlenberg Sound in the serials collection. Cassette number TMS 9705 in the sound recordings samples Mr. Haney's guitar playing.