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BUTCH BALDASSARI COLLECTION                                                     11-040



Baldassari, Butch 1952-2009                                                


Type of Material:

Sound recordings, sheet music, books, email correspondence


Physical Description:

4.13 Linear feet of printed music photocopies

2” Master Tapes 10” reels (20 total)

¼” Tapes (9 total)

½” Tapes (2 total)

5” reel to reel Tapes (2 total)

VHS Tapes (13 total)

CDs (30 total)

DAT Tapes (57 total)

Cassette Tapes (250 total) (some commercial, some manuscript) – (Not processed.)



1985 – 2009


Abstract (Descriptive Summary):

The collection consists of sheet music, scores, books, email correspondence, DATS, CDs, cassettes, VHS tapes, and reel to reel tapes that include professional materials related to the life and career of mandolinist Butch Baldassari. This collection is of interest to researchers of mandolin orchestras.



All materials in this collection are subject to standard national and international copyright laws. Reproduction of some materials are copyright restricted. Center staff are able to assist with copyright questions for this material.


Provenance and Acquisition Information:

This collection was donated to the Center by Mrs. Sinclair Baldassari of Nashville, Tennessee on February 24th, 2012 and April 11th, 2012.



The original arrangement scheme for the collection was maintained during processing and followed original order by the creator. The exception to this arrangement was the audio/visual materials, which in the absence of any original order, are organized by format.


Subjects/Index Terms:

Baldassari, Butch 1952-2009

Nashville Mandolin Ensemble

Mandolin Orchestra



Agency History/biographical sketch:

Paul Wadey Jerome “Butch” Baldassari was born December 11, 1952 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Baldassari was inspired to play the mandolin after seeing Andy Statman and Barry Mitterhoff play at the Philadelphia Folk Festival in 1972. He moved to Nashville in 1989 to pursue a career in music. His mandolin playing can be heard on recordings by artists such as Alison Krauss and the Nashville Bluegrass Band. He was a member of the bands Weary Hearts, Lonesome Standard Time, and The Grass is Greener.


After attending the convention of The Classical Mandolin Society of America in 1990, he became interested in the repertoire and history of mandolin orchestras. When he returned to Nashville, he founded the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble. The ensemble consisted of mandolins, mandola, mandocello, guitar, and bass.


Baldassari had his own record company, SoundArt Recordings, which released dozens of his projects. A musician of eclectic tastes, Baldassari’s recordings include jazz, classical, bluegrass, and Christmas music. He was also a well-loved professor at Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University. Baldassari died on January 10th, 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee.



Scope and content:

This collection consists of materials used by Butch Baldassari in his many musical performances, recordings, and other musical endeavors. Paper materials consist of four linear feet of sheet music, scores, individual parts, and holographic music related to mandolins and mandolin orchestras (mandola, mandocello, guitar, and bass music). A box and folder list of titles follows.


The collection also includes commercial and manuscript audio and video materials performed by or produced by Butch Baldassari. A variety of original audio formats include 2” master tapes, reel to reel tapes, CDs, DAT tapes, and cassette tapes. A few VHS tapes also comprise the collection. Most are recorded original and unedited elements intended for production. Manuscript audio recordings are master tapes, rough cuts mixes, demos, single cuts, and safety duplicates. Commercial recordings are demos, lessons, and a few artist CDs. VHS tapes are album mixes, duets, and performances by Butch Baldassari, sometimes with other musicians. An itemized list of the audio and video materials is available, with the exception of the 250 cassette tapes, which are not processed.



All materials are located in the collections storage area filed by accession number.


Related Materials:

The Center holds many materials and sound recordings pertaining to the mandolin, which are searchable through either the in-house catalogs or in Middle Tennessee State University’s Walker Library catalog. The Dale Cockrell Collection (13-064) contains similar materials pertaining to the production of Happy Land: Musical Tributes to Laura Ingalls Wilder, which was co-produced by Bruce Baldassari and Dale Cockrell.


Materials Cataloged Separately:

Published sheet music: “La Forza Del Destino” by Verdi, arranged by F. Pignoloni for 2 mandolins & guitar

Serial: The Musical Tempo April 1st, 1903, Vol. 9, No. 2


  1. The Songwriter’s Guide to Collaboration by Walter Carter
  2. Folk and Traditional Music of the Western Continents by Bruno Nettl
  3. An Introduction to the Eighteenth Century Repertoire of the Neapolitan Mandoline by Paul Sparks
  4. Elementary Harmony by Robert W. Ottman


Collection Contents:


Box #  Folder #          Description

Box 1   First Section not in folder:

                        Various parts for Concerto in D Major by Antonio Vivaldi

                        1st mandolin part for Hippodrome Galop by WM. Foden

                        Polka Studio by G. Silvestri

                        2nd mandolin part for Columbus March by Giuseppe Pettine

Folder #1: “Italian”

Not in folder:  Music for Dunque io son from Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Figaro and Rosina By Gioacchino Rossini

Folder #2: “Tra Veglia e Sonno

Folder #3: “Italian Songs”

Folder #4: “Gino Di Rosa”

Folder #5: “Vicari

Folder #6: “Piscatore & Pusilleco

Not in folder:  Various music, mostly mandola parts, some guitar and chord charts

Folder #7: “The Prayer”

Not in folder:  Music for a Waltz. Music for Tra Veglia e Sonno. Hand written notes Butch wrote for that looks related to Captain Corelli’s mandolin. (Put these in a legal folder)

Folder #8: “Santa Lucia”

Folder #9: “Toselli –Serenade” (on front part of the folder: “M1, M2, Dola,

GTR/BASS”)(Note from Karen: This translates to Mandolin 1, Mandolin 2, Mandola, Guitar/Bass)

Folder #10: “Arrivederci Roma”

Folder #11: “Italian Opera”

Folder #12: “Aida – 4-tet”

Folder #13: “Marinariello” (on the front part of the folder: “Full Arr**6 voices)

Folder #14: “Santa Lucia – K. Wolki” (on the front part of the folder: “M1/M2-

3/Dola/Cello/GTR/Bass”) (Note from Karen: Translates to Mandolin 1, Mandolin 2-3, Mandola, Mandocello, Guitar, Bass)

Folder #15: “Anema E Core”

Folder #16: “Summertime in Venice” (on the front part of the folder: “Full Arr.”)

Folder #17: “Mala Femmena

Folder #18: “Roman Gtr – MO”

Folder #19: “Vieni Sul Mare” (on the front part of the folder: “M1-M2-Dola-MC-Bass”)

Folder #20: “Italian”

Not in Folder: Music for Musette by Bach and some hand written notes from Butch on arrangement

Folder #21: “Bach – “Little” Fugue in G minor”

Folder #22: “Bach-2 part – TLC”

Folder #23: “Bach-Air”

Folder #24: “Bach”

Folder #25: “ITAL MA – Duets” (on the front part of the folder: “Duetto Italiano”)

Folder #26: “Bach- 3pt”

Not in Folder:

Dance of the White Rats – mandolin, 2nd mandolin, guitar parts

Melody in F – mandolin, 2nd mandolin, guitar parts

The Flower of the Flock – mandolin and guitar parts

The Century March – mandolin, 2nd mandolin, guitar parts

Under the Stars and Stripes – mandolin, 2nd mandolin, guitar parts

Song of the Voyager – mandolin, clarinet & piano parts

Che Ridere!!! – mandolin, 2nd mandolin parts

Concert Waltz, “Luella” – mandolin, 2nd mandolin, guitar parts

Bandanna Dance – mandolin, 2nd mandolin, guitar parts

Quartetto Originale Score – mandolin, 2nd mandolin, mandola, mandocello

Mazurka-Concerto – mandolin

“Old French” lead sheet

El Grillo – lead sheet in tablature and standard notation

A Puerto Rican tune – lead sheet in tablature and standard notation

El Grillo- High Harmony- in tablature and standard notation

Jesusito en Chihuahua lead sheet

Swingin – Harm – standard notation

Swinging on a Gate lead sheet (It looks like Butch wrote in the harmony noted in the previous sheet of music

Glazunov Am op 82 (This is paper-clipped with some hand-written notes from Butch. It looks like notes about different Bill Monroe tunes, a couple of phone numbers, etc.)

Three Songs After Thomas Campion – mezzo-soprano and mandolin

Berceuse De Jocelyn – mandolin, mandolin & piano

Folder #27: “Munier-MSC”

(In green hanging folder labelled “Quartets”:)

Folder #28: “Calace- 4-Tet” (on front: “2 MA/Dola, MC, Romanza S.P.”)

Folder #29: “Munier – Quarter OP. 76”

Folder #30: “Debussy Le Fille 4-Tet” ( on front: “2 MA, Dola, MC”)

Folder #31: “Rainieri  - QT” – (on the front:” M1, M2, Dola, Gtr”)

Folder #32: “Reflexions  (on the front: “2MA, Dola, gtr or MC”)

Folder #33 (insider Folder #34): “Reflection – Quartet – C. Heinlein”

Folder #34: “Reflection – PD.” (on the front: “4MA or 2MA/Dola, MC”)

Folder #35: “Place – Quartet” (on the front: “2MA, Dola, MC”) Ends hanging folder.

Folder #36: “Siegel Trios”

Folder #37: “Trios – J. Garber”

Folder #38: “Solo Mandolin”

Folder #39: “Finney Collection – Solo” (on the front: “Solo – Finney Collection, ex-

                        Austin, TX – 1999”)

Folder #40: “Sauli – Solo”

Folder #41: “Panorama – Tim Ware”

Not in folder: Speravo di trovari qui from La Boheme, Mimi and Marcello by Puccini

                                    Vivaldi in C

            Several fiddle tunes including Salty Dog Blues, has sticky note that says

                        “Fiddle tunes Matt”

Folder #42: “Teaching Materials, Technique + Repertoire”

Not in folder:  A couple of pages from The Mandocrucian’s Digest, April 1988

Folder #43: “Old-Time Tunes” (on the front – “Tunes”)

Folder #44: “Fiddle Tunes” (on the front – “Not Recorded”)

Folder #45: Black folder with teaching materials. Has pink sticky note that says

                        “Teaching, Gene/Matt” on the front

Folder #46: “Cross Tuning”

Folder #47: “Mandolin W-Shop Book” (on the front – “Mandolin Workshop Book,” “BG

                        Stomp (or stomp written for book)”, “Pull-ups on Going Back to Old KY”


Box #  Folder #          Description

Box 2

Folder #1: “A Night in Venice” (on the front – “Full Arr.”)

Folder #2: “American Folk Fantasy”

Folder #3: “Andalucia Suite” (on the front – “(Lecuona)”)

Folder #4: “Brazillera (Andrini)”

Folder #5: “Angel’s Serenade - /BRHgH” (on the front – “2matgtr, Arr R.F. Hildreth”)

Folder #6: “Alborada” (on the front – “arr. Paparello”)

Folder #7: “Ahora Seremos Felices

Folder #8: “Ancient Airs – Respighi”

Folder #9: “Neopolitan Serenade – Arensky/Firstman

Folder #10: “Ashokan Farewell”

Folder #10: “Il Baccio“ (on the front “Full – No Bass”)

Folder #11: “Ouverture” (on the front – “Sat May 21st daytime Trisha Yearwoods


Folder #12: “Au Moulin – W.K. Bauer”

Folder #13: “Baldassare – Sonata in F”

Folder #14: “BB + J.C. Music” (on the front – “BB/J.C.”)

Folder #15: “BB – New CH – Music” (on the front – “BB/New Chamber Music”)

Folder #16: “Bg – Solos etc.”

Folder #17: “Baker – Fred’s Transcriptions”

Folder #18: “Barber – Adagio”

Folder #19: “Bartok – Folk Dances”

Folder #20: “Beethoven – Adagio”

Folder #21: “Beethoven – Romance”

Folder #22: “Sonatina – Beethoven” (on the front – “Sonatina – Beethoven”)

Folder #23: “Blueberry Hill”

Folder #24: “Bowlby, Tim”

Folder #25: “Playful Pizz/Britten”

Folder #26: “Jethro Burns arrangments

Folder #27: “Calace – NME”

Folder #28: “Canyon Moonrise”

Folder #29: “Calace – Moto Perpetuo

Folder #30: “California Dreamin

Folder #31: “Canzonetta con Variazioni

Folder #32: “Carlini arrangements”

Folder #33: “JugendTraume, Dreams of Childhood (Waldteufel/Carpenter)”

Folder #34: “Down by the Riverside arr. Carter”

Folder #35: “How Great Thou Art arr. Carter”

Folder #36: “Cecere

Folder #37: “Chanson Boheme” (on the front – “Full Orch.”)

Folder #38: “Chopin/Raindrops Prelude”

Folder #39: “Classical MA”

Folder #40: “Collins, To DD”

Folder #41: “Colonial” (on the front – “For Butch, Guitar Parts (Extras)”)

Folder #42: “Copland – Hoedown”

Folder #43: “Croatian”

Folder #44: “Dazed & Confused”

Folder #45: “Silver Ripples Polka, Warren Dean”

Folder #46: “DeBussy – Reverie”

Folder #47: “Mandolin – DeBussy

Folder #48: “De Filippis, “Venezuelan Dance””

Folder #49: “Reinhardt, Django

Folder #50: “Dolores Waltz”

Folder #51: “Double Eagle” (on the front – “Full Arr + MA-Trio”)

Folder #52: “Dreamsville

Folder #53: “Dreams of The Night (Hungarian Waltz)” (on the front: “OK-12/95, Full


Folder #54: “Enchanted Naples” (on the front: “1, 2, Dola – g”)

Folder #55: “La Mandolinata – Ferrer”

Folder #56: “Fleur De Boheme” (on the front – Full Arr)

Folder #57: “Stephen Foster”

Folder #58: “Lullaby – H. Frye” (on the front – “No Bass – Cello – Treb Cleff”)

Folder #59: “Funeral March”

Folder #60: “Gallantry”

Folder #61: “Massimo Gatti

Folder #62: “Georgia Camp Meeting” (on the front – “MO/Arr.)

Folder #63: “Gervasio, Giovanni, Drei Duos”

Folder #64: “3 Rags – N. Gladd” (on the front – “3 Rags Gladd”. This is written twice.)

Folder #65: “Goodin/11/99” (on the front – “Goodin, John Goodin Trio + Fid Tunes”)

Folder #66: “Grant’s Corner”

Folder #67: “MilagroGrusin

Folder #68: “Ricochet – Grisman” (on the front – “Ricochet”)

Folder #69: “Handel – H-pipe”

Folder #70: “Hartford Tunes”

Folder #71: “Hot Canary”

Folder #72: “Hummel msc.”

Folder #73: “Italian – Opera Trios” (on the front – “m1, m2 + gtr”)

Folder #74: “A Live Wire” (on the front – “Jason Johnstone/arr. H.F. Odell”)

Folder #75: “Japanese Songs” (on the front – “JAP/Songs/Behrend”)

Folder #76: “Je Crois Entendie Encore”

Folder #77: “Jeunesse” (on the front – “Select-O-Hits”)

Folder #78: “Austria, W. Kretschmar

Folder #79: “BenvenutoKok” (on the front – “Full Arr.”)

Folder #80: “Lars F”

Folder #81: “Lars – Forslund

Folder #82: “Annie Laurie” (on the front – “Sweet Corn,” “Laughing Eye,”

                        “[Indecipherable – KH] Waltz”)

Folder #83: “Lecocq, T.”

Folder #84: “Les Joyeux Mandolinistes” (on the front – “Full Arr.”)

Folder #85: “Rimelis

Folder #86: “Loar – 12 Arrs.” (on the front – “Loar”)

Folder #87: “Luna e Amore”

Folder #88: “Luciadi Lammermoor Sextet” (on the front – “Donizetti/arr. H.F. Odell”)

Folder #89: “MA/Piano – Duets” (on the front – “MA/Piano Duet Rep”)

Folder #90: “Mahler”

Folder #91: “Mandocello/Solos”

Folder #92: “March of the French Fries”

Folder #93: “Evan Marhsall” (on the front – “Evan”)

Folder #94: “J. McGann

Folder #95: “Meditation”

Folder #96: “Meditazione

Folder #97: “Miller, John”

Folder #98: “Mix Duets”

Folder #99: “M-cellos on Parade”

Folder #100: “John Mock/Past Prelude”

Folder #101: “La Morena

Folder #102: “Mountain Moor”

Folder #103: “Mountain Moor” (on the front – “Mt. Moor”)

Folder #104: “Music for Play – Mandonico

Folder #105: “Murphy, J”

Folder #106: “Scordatura”

Folder #107: “Serenade – The Choir Celestial (P.W. Newton)”

Folder #108: “Strangeland

Folder #109: “Buona Notte

Folder #110: “O Sole Mio:

Folder #111: “Orpheus – J. Offenbach” (on the front – “OK – 2-95”)

Folder #112: “One O’clock Jump”

Folder #113: “Orch Ma. Parts”

Folder #114: “Paganini – Caprice #9 4-Tet” (on the front – “2Ma/Dola/MC”)

Folder #115: “Canon – Pachelbel”


Box #  Folder #          Description

Box 3

Folder #1: “Ravel – Pavanne” (on the front – “good tune, lousy chart, find other music”)

Folder #2: “Violinotzigano” (on the front – “gypsy violin”)

Folder #3: “Vivaldi 2Ma + gtr (f)”

Folder #4: “Aranvez

Folder #5: “Under Paris Skies” (on the front – “OK – MA-Trio, M1, M2, Gtr”)

Not in folder:

Herstory IV for soprano & mandolin or marimba by Elizabeth Walton Vercoe

Global Village Barn Dance by Scott Robinson

A bound score that says “Joe Landers”

Serenade for Mandolin Orchestra by Donald DeVoe

Cathedral Hill (for mandolin orchestra) by John Goodin

Folder #6: “Bergamasca

Folder #7: “Behrend- Italiano

Folder #8: “Pauline Bushman”

Folder #9: “Calace Preludes”

Folder #10: “Calace – Preludes”

Folder #11: “Campanas Del Alba”

Folder #12: “Cantabile”

Folder #13: “Chaccone

Folder #14: “Bizet – Entracte/Carmen”

Folder #15: “Corelli’s Mandolin”

Folder #16: “Faure – Pavane

Folder #17: “Gershwin #II” (on the front – “Trio”)

Folder #18: “Greek”

Folder #19: “Grisman” (on the front – “Grisman”)

Folder #20: “Jacob De Bandolim

Folder #21: “Jazz Pizz

Folder #22: “Come Where My Love – S. Foster”

Folder #23: “Fritz Kreisler”

Folder #24: “Lonesome Fiddle Blues”

Folder #25: “Louisville Suite”

Folder #26: “Mandolin + Voice” (on the front – “Mando + Voice”)

Folder #27: “Music For Play” (on the front – “Music 4 Play”)

Folder #28: “Owen Hartford”

Folder #29: “OMAC – Mark O’Connor scores”

Folder #30: “Ware – Panorama” (on the front –“ 4MA/2Dola/1MC”)

Folder #31: “For J.L., Russ B.”

Folder #32: “Silvers Opera Co.”

Folder #33: “S. Siegel”

Folder #34: “Sept Swale” (on the front – “Sept. Swale”)

Folder #35: “Sorrento”

Folder #36: “The Trees on Mt.”

Folder #37: “Una Lismosna

Folder #38: “Vivaldi g- 2Ma”

Folder #39: “Vivaldi 2Ma + Gtr (C)”

Folder #40: “West VA March”

Not in folder:

Handwritten note about music

Various email correspondence/faxes/music, etc., including correspondence with mandolinists Evan Marshall and Carlo Aonzo


Box #  Folder #          Description

Box 4

Folder #1: “BMW” (on the front – “Butch Baldassari – 292-0324 Mandolin Book”)

Folder #2: “Lion Sleeps Tonight”

Folder #3: “NME – Monroe Suite” (on the front –“NME Monroe Suite”)

Folder #4: “Amazing Grace” (on the front –“Mandolin Hymns”)

Folder #5: “Honeysuckle ½” (on the front – “Arrigoni – Sonata-D,” “Stars & Stripes,”

“Henry VIII – w/gtr,” “Fiddle music-Stravinsky,” “Soldier’s Story,” “Kurt Schwaen – Russ/Germ,” “Behrend,” “Ito – Behrend,” “James Reese Europe,” “Castlehouse Rag,” “Cleff club,” “10”)

Folder #6: “Monroe – Homespun Tabs” (on the front – “914-246-2550,” “35 – Robs,” “8

hrs – Tab,” “3 Proof,” “2 – View Video,” “48,” “$450 + Unedited-Video Bill+ Finish”)

Folder #7: “Ragtime”

Folder #8: “Monroe Solos” (some correspondence in this folder)

Folder #9: “Monroe”

Folder #10: “Monroe”

Not in folder: 1st & 2nd Mandolin parts to O Sole Mio!

Folder #11: “Jessica”

Not in folder: The Bridger Waltz & La Paz

Folder #12: “Una Furtiva Lagrima

Folder #13: “Italian – T. Pender”

Not in folder:

                                    Tra veglia e sonno – 1st violin

                                    C’era la luna – 1st Mandolin

                                    C’era la lunaMandola

                                    Handwritten notes on various arrangements

                                    Letter from Sheri Mignano Crawford

                                    Mio Dolce Sogno

                                    Notte di Luna

                                    Costumi Siciliani

                                    Mio dolce Sogno       

Folder #14: “String Orch Arrs” (on the front: “String Orch Arrs”)

Folder #15: “Hilda Hempel

Not in folder: Suzuki book on Modern Classroom Recorder by Sandy Feldstein

Folder #16: “Giovale

Folder #17: “La Donna”

Folder #18: “Mattinata

Not in folder:

            The Brooklet

The Artist Collection, 5 Gems for Mandolin and Piano: The Butterfly, Carnival de Venice, The Flatterer, Serenade, Souvenir de Posen

In Venice Waters

Columbus March (1st mandolin, 2nd mandolin, guitar)

Gibson March by Walter A. Boehm

Handwritten notes on some music

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Folder #19: “S.L. Luntana

Folder #20: “O Sole Mio”

Folder #21: “lo Te Vurria Vasa”

Not in folder:

The Louisville Suite: Up River Road, Cave Hill, Locust Grove for mandolin orchestra by John Goodin

Score for Jovano

Score for Acano Mlada Nevesto

Ode to Sam, Andy & David

Score for Once I loved a maiden fair oh yeah

Score for The Honeysuckle Half-Step

Score for She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not by Edgar Meyer

Photocopy of score for She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Another photocopy of score for She Love Me, She Loves Me Not with expression markings by Butch

Another photocopy of score for She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not with notes by Butch

A set of preparatory exercises

Folder #22: “Theory + Concepts”

Folder #23: “Other Teachers”

Not in folder:

Photocopy of 2 of David Grisman “The Mandolin” column for Frets Magazine 1988

            Left Hand Exercises by Evan Marshall

            Photocopies of Jethro Burns-related material from Mandolin World News

            Ad for Martin Norgaard from Mel Bay

Photocopies of Mandolin World News with articles by Don Stiernberg and David Grisman

            Handwritten chart for Spiritual by Coltrane

Handwritten sheet music labelled “linear activity for “Gone with the Wind””

            Minor Swing Examples

Column by Muriel Anderson from Acoustic Musician magazine, August 1996

Photocopy – Gibson Edition, Trios, Quartets, Quintetst, etc. for Plectral Instruments

            Oft in the Stilly Night

            Another version of Oft in the Stilly Night

Photocopy from Southern Harmony, Rev. edition, 1854. Music for Dove of Peace and Happy Land        

Handwritten notes about Barbara Allen and Nelly was a Lady – rehearsal

Rebel Records PR for The Grass is Greener

Notes about modal tunes

Chord chart for Tzigani Mood (4 copies)

Handwritten mandocello part for Sonatina d-moll, Beethoven

Some various blues tunes and more instructional material

Folder #24: (on the front – “Ma/Gtr”)

Folder #25: “A. F. or M. – S-Art”

Not in folder:

            Handwritten note – DDAD/Yellin The Shoats, Intro/Welcome Tabe

            Set List          

Folder #26: “Nola”

Folder #27: “Millennium Waltz”

Not in folder:

            List of various mandolin recordings, looks like something from a library

            List – The American Music Center Library: Works for Mandolin and Various Inst.

            Handwritten notes about new music and new venues

Folder #28: “Mando Arts Qt.” (on the front – “MA/Arts/Quartet”)

Folder #29: “Vivaldi Mandolin Concerto – C.

Folder #30: “Napolitaine Serenade 4-Tet”

Folder #31: “Serenato Napolitana” (on the front – “Trio”)

Not in folder:

            2 copies of a newsletter in Italian called Plectrum

            “Giga” sheet music

Folder #32: “O Marenarello

Folder #33: “Pagani Bros. – 2 MA/Gtr

Folder #34: “Tarantella – Napolitana

Folder #35: “Sicilian Tarantella”

Folder #36: “Munier/Sentimental Mazurka” (on the front – M1-M2-Dola-MC-BJO,

                        Piano, + Flute”)

Not in folder: 

                                    Return to Me sheet music

Folder #37: “Non Miscoradre di me”

Folder #38: “Ciribiribin

Folder #39: “Ritorna A Me”

Folder #40: “Angel’s Serenade/Braga” (on the front – “Arr. H.F. Odell”)

Not in folder:

                                    Book from 1926 w/ music in it

                                    Handwritten notes about Side I and Side II of an album

Folder #41: “Non Dimentichar

Folder #42: “Oh, Marie”

Not in folder:

            Windham by Isaac Watt & Daniel Reed

            Various pieces of sheet music

Folder #43: (on the front: “Improv”)

Not in folder:

                                    Various tunes by Mark Wingate

Folder #44: “Paparello

Not in folder:

                                    John Calhoun by Mark Wingate

Folder #45: “Re-Bach T. Pender”

Folder #46: “Petite Serenade – G. Papini

Folder #47: “Playful Pizzicato”

Folder #48: “Belletto detto – “Il Conte Orland” (Respighi)”)

Folder #49: “Rossini”

Folder #50: “Russian Music” (on the front – “Interpreting Russian Music on the

            Mandolin by Charlie Rappaport & Sasha Lisnichuk”)

Folder #51: “Russian Rag”

Folder #52: “SarasateRomanza

Folder #53: “Sacred Harp” (on the front – “Sacred Harp”)

Folder #54: “Sartory

Folder #55: “Schubert Serenade”

Folder #56: “Serenade of the Mandos” (on the front – “Full Arr.”)

Folder #57: “Serenade/Desormes

Folder #58: “Sextet – Lucia”

Folder #59: “Southern Complexions”

Folder #60: “Story of the Strings”

Folder #61: “R.D. Smith”

Folder #62: “Spanish Eyes” (on the front – “Full Arr.”)

Folder #63: “Speranze Perdute” (on the front – “Full Arr. 6 voices”)

Folder #64: “Sul Lago” (on the front – “Full Arr.”)

Folder #65: “Tangos”

Folder #66: “Tarantella (S. Ranieri)”

Folder #67: “Teleman – DM/Oboe +MO” (on the front – “24”)

Folder #68: “TN I hear You Callin

Folder #69: “TgigVol II” (on the front – MA, BJO – ABAB – C, MA – AABB, GTR –

            AACC, Fid – ABACC, +moon +B to MA”)

Folder #70: “TRSC – solos etc.” (on the front – “Beg”)

Folder #71: “Trios – Period”

Folder #72: “Trad/Fiddle Music” (on the front – “Recorded Trad/Fiddle Tunes”)

Folder #73: “Scarlatti – Prelude” “Tschaikovsky – Chorale”

Folder #74: “Washington Post March, Sousa/arr. B. W. Dykers

Folder #75: “Ware – Glass Onion”

Folder #76: “Ware – Spiral Moons”

Folder #77: “KY. Waltz”

Folder #78: (on the front – “Bolero”)




Processed by Karen Hogg 7/29/2014