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Title:Manuscript music book belonging to Marcia M Goodman.
Place of Publication:Hartford, [Connecticut?]
Date of Publication:1812
Sub-group:Center for Popular Music
Physical Description:1 score (18 unnumbered pages); 9 x 25 cm.
Contents:Links open individual songs at Internet Archive.
Aylesbury S.M. --:
St. Peters L.M. --:
Armogate C.M. --:
Pymton C.M. --:
Vernon C.M. --:
Hale L.M. --:
Londen S.M. --:
Salford C.M. --:
Brookfield L.M. --:
Luss? --:
Tunbridge --:
Prospect P.M. --:
Loughton C.M. --:
Brentford L.M. --:
Grove P.M. --:
Leoni S.M. --:
Pekham S.M. --:
Gilboa S.M. --:
Syndenhand C.M. Ps. 150 --:
Newmark C.M. --:
New Durham --:
Litchfield / by Mrn --:
Outland S.M. --:
Denmark --:
Arnhurn L.M. --:
Platsburgh P.M. --:
Arundel C.M. --:
Putney L.M. --:
Buckingham C.M. --:
Litchfield C.M. --:
Dover L.M. --:
??? --:
Melody C.M. --:
Blendon L.M. --:
Oxford --:
8th Psalm [tune?] --:
Danvill C.M. --:
Brentford L.M. --:
73 C.M. --:
Anthem from Psalm 124 [First line:] If the Lord himself had not been on our side --:
Anthem from Ps. 66 [and] 134th [First line:] O praiseth the Lord with one consent:

Subject(s):Music -- Manuscripts.
Popular music -- To 1901.

Notes:18 manuscript pages consisting of 41 tunes in the back of A gamut, or scale of music.
Entries in several different hands and inks.
Title from inscription on title page.
Inscription on title page reads, "Not William Goodman's book. Hart[ford?], but Mrcia M Goodmans 1814".
Inscription on verso reads, "Marcia Goodman's property, Hartford February 7th, 1812".
Manuscript pages bound with A gamut, or scale of music, to which is added, blank lines for favorite music. Samuel Green, printer, New-London, CT; published and sold by Cooke, Oliver D.
Cover is marbled brown.

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Item ID:MUMSS-00112
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