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Title:Eheliche gutenacht
Place of Publication:[United States?]
Date of Publication:[between 1810 and 1850]
Sub-group:American Antiquarian Society
Physical Description: 1 score (44 unnumbered pages) ; 29 cm
Contents:Links open individual songs at Internet Archive.
Eheliche gutenacht [First line:] Gute nacht! gute nacht! unser tag lauf ist vollbracht:
Langsam und ausdrucks voll [First line:] Vergiss mein nicht wenn dir die freude winket:
Maria Stern:
Untitled [First line:] Stay sweet enchanter of the grove:
Fisher's rondeau:
Wedding day:
The traveller benighted:
Thou sweet flowing Avon:
The favorite song out of the Castle of Andalusia [First line:] Flow thou regal purple stream tinted by the solar beam:
The president's march:
Two rondos: violino principale, violino primo & secondo, horns and bass:
Gigue / pas Cornelli:
La belle Catharine:
We'll seek the bower of Robin Hood:
Where sucks the bee there look I:
Serenade con Sordini [First line:] Sleep on sleep on my Kathlean dear / Dermot:
My dear jockey:
Jockey to the fair:
The highland laddie:
The spring with smiling face is seen [First line:] The spring with smiling face is seen, to usher in the May:
The lass of Peaties mill:
Lochaber no more:
The highland march:
The highland queen:
My dearie if thou die:
The yellow hair'd laddie:
The birks of Invermay:
Lochaber no more:
Ah choris to the tune of Gilderoy:
Through the wood laddie:
There's my thumb, I'll never beguile thee:
The last time I came o'er the moor:
I wish my love were in a mire:
Katharine Ogie:
Tweed side:
Braes of Ballendean:
Famie gay:
An thou wert my ain thing:
The happy marriage:
Allea house:
Logan Waters:
Presto / Col. W. Reed:
Pelton's gavot:
Down the burn Davie:
The bonny broom:
Over the water to Charlie:
Thro' the wood laddie:
With early horn:
Tis not the bloom on Damon's cheek / I. Hook:
Madrigal imitated from teh Spanish / by Mr. Garrick set to musick by Mr. Giardini:
How sweet thro the woodlands / by Mr. Harrington of Bath:
The maid to my mind / set by Mr. Hook:
Beneath a weeping willow shade [First line:] Beneath a weeping willow shade she sat and sang alone:
Damon and Clora: a duet [First line:] Go, false Damon, go, your sieing is in vain:
Three sweethearts I have:

Subject(s):Music -- Manuscripts.
Popular music -- To 1901.
Violin music.

Notes:Includes index.
Title from first piece.
Part of a musical copybook. Disbound.
In several hands and inks.

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