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Title:Florae memoriae
Creator:Baker, L.H.
Place of Publication:[United States]
Date of Publication:1825
Sub-group:American Antiquarian Society
Physical Description:2 scores (17 pages, 169 pages, 25 unnumbered pages) ; 29 cm
Contents:Links open individual songs at Internet Archive.
Oh lady! Why thus sadly gaze? :
Dance No. 1 :
Air No. 1 :
Dance No. 2 :
Dance No. 3:
Bennington's assembly :
March No. 1 :
Pinkey's remove :
Mason's daughter :
Fisher's hornpipe with variations :
Grand spy :
My Nanie O with variations :
Speed the plough with variations :
The quaker's wife :
True riches :
Laplander's hornpipe :
Air No. 2 :
Adjutant's favorite :
Bonnie lass of Aberdeen :
Hymn [Air:] Corydon's ghost [First line:] Ah! lovely appearance of death! / written by Rev. George Whitefield :
Gloom of autumn [First line:] Hail! ye sighing sons of sorrow, view with me th' autumnal gloom :
Lady Washington's inquiry [First line:] Hero, saw you my hero, saw you my hero George? :
The bee [First line:] As cupid in the garden stray'd, a sporting in a damask shade :
The mariner's song [First line:] A wet sheet and a flowing sea, a wind that follows fast / Allan Cunningham:
O 'tis love [First line:] O 'tis love, 'tis love, that rules us all completely :
Hymn [First line:] O thou, in whose presence my soul takes delight :
Song [First line:] This world is a stage, where all men engage :
Steam boat excursion [First line:] O what a row, what a rumpus and a rioting :
Burns' adieu [First line:] Adieu, a heart-warm fond adieu, ye brothers of our mystic tie :
Advice to young ladies [First line:] No more along the daisy mead, I meet my fickle swain :
Wolfe [First line:] In a mouldering cave, where the wretched retreat :
The sweeper [First line:] As I sweep to and fro, old iron to find :
The little pigs [First line:] Our little pigs lie on very good straw / composed by Alexander Lee :
Crows in a cornfield [First line:] See yonder cornfield where waves the rip'ning grain / composed by T. Phillips :
Mary, awake [First line:] The moon shines softly o'er the sea, Mary awake, Mary, awake / M. Vertue :
When time, who steals our years away [First line:] When time, who steals our years away, shall steal our pleasures too / words and melody by T. Moore, harmonized by E. Phelps :
The Neva boatman's song [First line:] Daylight fades, ev'ning shades o'er the silent waters creep / composed by C.E. Horn :
The young muleteers of Grenada [First line:] Oh! the joys of our ev'ning posada, where resting at the close of the day / written by T. Moore, arranged by H.R. Bishop:
Will you come where the sweet brier grows [First line:] Will you come where the sweet brier grows, where the heath flower blossoms around? / written by Harry Stoe VanDyk, composed by John Barnett :
Mynheer Vandunck [First line:] Mynheer Vandunck, though he never was drunk / composed by H.R. Bishop :
The chimes of Zurich [First line:] The sun his parting ray had cast / written by Harry Stoe VanDyk, composed by C.E. Horn :
Ship ahoy! [First line:] When o'er the silent seas alone / by Miss Louisa Gillingham :
Kathleen O'Moore [First line:] My love, still I think that i see her once more :
Glee [First line:] Come, fill the bowl, come fill it up / composed by George V. Farmer :
The pleasure boat [First line:] Full swiftly from the smiling shore / written by Percival :
Five times by the taper's light [First line:] Five times, by the taper's light :
Devotion [First line:] Awake, my soul, and with the sun :
Serenade [First line:] Look out upon the stars, my love :
Barney Brallaghan [First line:] 'Twas on a windy night, at two o'clock in the morning / arranged by Moran :
Oh! who sits so sadly [First line:] Oh! who sits so sadly and knows the fond sigh? / written by Mr. T. Toms :
A health to the brave [First line:] A health to the brave, in fields afar / written by John Fell Dovaston :
Believe me [First line:] Believe me, if all these endearing young charms / words by T. Moore :
Flow on thou shining river [First line:] Flow on, thou shining river / words and melody T. Moore :
Come, my heroes [First line:] Come, my heroes, fill your glasses / Stevenson :
Gin living worth [First line:] in living worth could win my heart :
Somebody [First line:] Were I oblig'd to beg my bread :
The morn returns [First line:] The morn returns in saffron drest / composed by Mr. Paxton :
The harp [First line:] The harp that once through Tara's halls the soul of music shed / words by Moore :
Wreathe the bowl [First line:] Wreathe the bowl with flow'rs of soul :
Song in Artaxerxes [First line:] If o'er the cruel tyrant love a conquest I believ'd / Dr. Arne :
Sweet Poll of Plymouth [First line:] Sweet Poll of Plymouth was my dear / the air by Michael Arne, harmonized by Mr. Webbe :
In a vale clos'd with woodlands / selected from The Elegies composed by Mr. Jackson :
Her absence will not alter me [First line:] Though absent far from Jessy's charms :
The maid of Llangollen [First line:] Though lowly my lot, and though poor my estate / harmonized by W. Hawes :
I have a green purse [First line:] I have a green purse and a wee pickle gourd :
Fairest, put on awhile [First line:] Fairest! put on awhile these pinions of light I bring thee :
Oh! leave me to my sorrow [First line:] Oh leave me to my sorrow / by Thomas Moore :
Jamie's on the stormy sea [First line:] Ere the twilight bat was flitting / composed by Barnard Covert :
Air from the Oratorio of Solomon [First line:] What though I trace each herb and flow'r / Handel :
Busk ye, busk ye [First line:] Busk ye, busk ye, my bonny, bonny bride / written by W.R. Hamilton :
You remember Annie [First line:] You remember Annie, she was young and fair :
My sheep I neglected [First line:] My sheep I neglected I lost my sheep / written by Sir Gilbert Elliot :
Lovely lady Mary [First line:] 'Twas lovely lady Mary, the pride of Scotland's earl :
Sweet Annie [First line:] Sweet Annie frae the sea beach came / harmonized by Beethoven :
Song [First line:] Fare the well, thou first and fairest / words by Burns :
The snow [First line:] An old man slowly said / words by Charles Lamb :
Long time ago [First line:] Near the lake, where droop'd the willow :
Air of the ewe-buchtin's bonnie [First line:] Oh, the ewe-buchtin's bonnie, baith e'ening and morn :
The fine ould Irish gentleman [First line:] I'll sing you a fine ould song / words by J. Brougham :
Row, gently row [First line:] Row, row, not a beam / composed by Sir John Stevenson :
The may fly [First line:] Poor insect, poor insect, what a little day / Dr. Callcott :
Poor Robin's dream, commonly called Poor charity [First line:] I know no reason but this harmless riddle :
The hunters of Kentucky [First line:] Ye gentlemen and ladies fair :
The battle of Stonington [First line:] Three gallant ships from England came :
Perry's victory [First line:] Ye tars of Columbia, give ear to my story :
The American star [First line:] Come, strike the bold anthem :
Parliament of England [First line:] Ye parliament of England, ye lords and commons too :

Subject(s):Music -- Manuscripts.
Popular music -- To 1901.
Music theory -- Elementary works.
Dance music.

Notes:1 musical copybook with two scores. Volume I consists of 19 pieces including secular instrumental melodies and musical rudiments. Volume II consists of 65 pieces including secular and sacred songs for 1-4 voices.
Hand-painted title.
Inscribed, "Floræ memoriæ Volume I., 1825, L.H. Baker".
In several hands and inks.

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