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Title:Manuscript music book belonging to Susanna Perkins
Place of Publication:Bridgewater, [Massachusetts?]
Date of Publication:1786 June 20
Sub-group:American Antiquarian Society
Physical Description:1 score (56 pages) ; 12 x 17 cm
Contents:Links open individual songs at Internet Archive.
Anthem to funeral thought [First line:] Hark from the tomb:
Jordan [First line:] There is a land of pure delight:
Christmas hymn [First line:] Hark hark what news the angels bring:
Eagle street [First line:] Join all ye glorious names:
Penbury [First line:] Salvation oh the joy:
The 15th Psalm:
Andover [First line:] My passions fly to seek their king:
Invitation [First line:] Come my beloved haste away:
Psalm 34:
Complaint [First line:] Twas in the vale where osiers grow:
Stratford [First line:] Morn morn ye saints who once did se:
Calvary [First line:] My thots that often mount the skies:
Annapolis [First line:] Awake ye saints to praise your king:
Newport [First line:] I send the joys of earth away:
Naples [First line:] Shal the bile race of flesh and blood:
Williamsburgh [First line:] Ye holy souls in God rejoice:
Bridgwater taken out of the Worcester collection:
Forty six Psalm L.M. [First line:] THe Lord hath eyes to give the blind / Chandler:
Sherburn [First line:] While shepherd watch their flocks by night:
Anthem [First line:] Lift up your heads o ye gates ye gates:
Pittsfield [First line:] My soul lies humble in the dust
Ninetieth psalm [First line:] Lord what a feeble piece is this:
Charlestown [First line:] When God revealed his gracious name:
Walpole [First line:] Oh if my soul was form'd for woe:
Pepperrell [First line:] As pants the hart for cooling streams:
Greenfield [First line:] God is our refuge in distress:
Georgia [First line:] Come let us join our cheerful song:
Litchfield [First line:] Twas fromt thy hand my God:
Hadley [First line:] That awful day will surely come:
Solitude [First line:] Oft have I sat in secret sighs:
Lancaster [First line:] Majestick God our muse insprire:
Stafford [First line:] See what a living stone:
Berlin [First line:] He dies! He dies!:
Framingham [First line:] Shall wisdom cry aloud:
Deaths alarm [First line:] Ho ho prepare to go with me:
Friendship [First line:] Love and joy were once ally'd:
Mechias [First line:] When overwhelm'd with grief:
Bristol [First line:] Wide as the world is thy command:
Mendon C.M.:
Berwick [First line:] Speak speak o ye judges of the earth:
Tewksbury [First line:] I'm tired with visits modes and forms:
Poland [First line:] God of my life look gently down:
Stratfield [First line:] Thro evry age eternal God:
Ode on musick [First line:] Descend ye nine descend and sing:
Southwell [First line:] Tis finish'd tis finish'd tis finish'd:
Greenwich [First line:] Lord what a thotless wretch was I:
Windham [First line:] Broad is the road that leeds to death:
Devotion [First line:] Sweet is the day of sacred rest:
Hopewell [First line:] Come lead me to some lofty shade:
Russia [First line:] False are ye men of high degree:
Danbury [First line:] Our life is ever on the wing:
Ascension [First line:] Jesus our triumphant head:
The heavenly vision: an anthem [First line:] I beheld and lo a great multitude:
Mortality L.M. [First line:] Death like an overflowing stream:
Appearance [First line:] The voice of my beloved sound:
Balloon [First line:] Behold I fall before thy face:
All saints [First line:] Oh! if my Lord would come and meet:
[Untitled] [First line:] Oh shepherds how your fears resign:
[Untitled] [First line:] Glory to God in strains till now unknown:
Kingsbridge [First line:] Would you behold the works of God:
Winter [First line:] His hoary frost his fleecy snow

Subject(s):Music manuscripts
Church music
Bridgewater (Mass. : Town)

Notes:Title assigned by cataloger from cover and title pages.
Cover is inscribed, "Susanna Perkins, June 20th 1786".
Title page is inscribed, "Susanna Perkins, Bridgwater, 1804, Susanna Howard".
In several hands and inks.

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